Orca - Livecoding Tool


Hi @riggar, you should see your midi devices in the menu dropdown called “Midi”. Just pick “LoopMidi”, it should be selected by default tho. IAC Driver is what you’d see on OSX.

Then in Live.

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@neauoire Orca makes an appearance in this doc by RA


A companion app to Orca has been released that allows to create more complex UDP messages.


Hi there. I found out about this sequencer yesterday. Really interesting! Thanx to the developer. Maybe I will look like a total noob, but … how does the BPM and the Frames relate to each other? I mean, how many frames are one beat … or do I unterstand something fundamental totally wrong? And another question: I succeeded to use ORCA with Ableton (to trigger a Drum Machine), but it doesn’t work with Bitwig. Anyone tried it with that DAW?


Ok, never mind … I figured it out :wink: I’m writing some kinda manual for ORCA on my blog. It’ll be in German … if someone’s interested…


Only a seven-second excerpt but here it is. I’ve been combining very randomized melodies with a steady rhythm. I’m having a great time with it, they feel just like Lego.


I’m interested, through google translate :sunglasses:

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There will be an # ORCΛ workshop, lead by @ Johannes_Knop in Berlin on April 11 and 12, at @ AMazeFest ! https://amazeberlin2019.sched.com


Hi I’m a noob not only to ORCA but to live coding in general but its an amazing software and I am sure that it is the tool that I want to use for sequencing my music.My setup is using ORCA on a low powered laptop to sequence apps on my iPad Pro 10.5 via iConnectMIDI2+. I have been sucessfully trying out a few things using this configuration but at the moment I am stuck with the MIDI cc implementation. I was able to map a parameter to the MIDI cc controller in ORCA and though I have created another bang instance to control another parameter on my iPad app, it is still using the 1st bang event I have created which is not what I want. So now it looks like both synth parameters on the app are controlled by a single MidiCC bang. What I want is for each parameter to be controlled by MidiCC bangs of their own. Any help would would be appreciated. Thank you!


hey @digital_lumad
The first character of the bang operator is the midi channel, the second is the knob id and the 3rd is the value.

If you want to control two knobs on the same midi channel, you need two different operators, like ^00f and ^01f.

If you wish you to control two knobs on two different channels, use this instead ^00f, and ^10f.


I want control two knobs on the same midi channel and app. But when I midi map it to the app,it just links to the same bang operator. Not sure if this is just an iOS app issue or not, it just says midi64 when I assign it.


The video example you posted on Twitter (sorry, I’m that annoying dude who keeps asking you there too) are only using *^0f for the frequency cut off and *^1f for the resonance cut off. I tried replicating it and use MIDI learn to them to different parameters but it only just maps them to the same MIDI cc channel, MidiCC64 in my case. So if for example I map the frequency to *^0f and *^1f both of them only ends up mapping to either *^0f or *^1f only and not separately.

Again I’m sorry if I keep asking questions, its just that ORCA is the only application that I have felt invested in in a long time. I feel like it is what can help get out of my creative rut. I feel like its what I need to make me grow as an artist. I’ve been using DAWs and MIDI controllers all my life so I have been kinda burned out with use the same conventional tools to make music.


Is it possible that you have an old version of Orca? Could you try downloading the latest version from itch, or maybe pull the repository?

If that doesn’t fix it, come to the chatroom :slight_smile:


Hey guys, Allieway here, I just made an account and wanted to stop in and say that I really appreciate all the kind words regarding my ORCA videos - I enjoy making them, and it makes me very happy to know that people are getting something out of them, too! :slight_smile:

I plan on making the next video in the ORCA Guided Tour series Very Soon™ (I’ve got the structure written up, just gotta record), but real life continues to get in the way and be a big jerk! Will try to push for it.

I don’t know ORCA inside and out like @neauoire, but I have some projects and things that I think would be fun to share, and I may be able to answer some questions too, so I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this thread and will try to post more soon :smiley:


Hey I don’t even know Orca inside and out! You wouldn’t believe the number of times I end up going like “oh my, look at that! I didn’t expect that!”.

Looking forward to your next video :slight_smile: I send your tutorial out to people at least three times a day, every day. It’s nice to see you here! It’s about time you join llllllllines.


Haha, ORCA really does lend itself to those surprising moments! :stuck_out_tongue: Still, it’s your baby, so I imagine you’d know more about the inner workings at the very least.

It makes me happy that the tutorials have been helpful for introducing people to ORCA - it’s additional motivation to keeping making videos! :slight_smile:


Not sure if I’m being dense, or if something is wrong with my install, but it does not seem to want to change themes. I tried dragging the .svg from Firefox to the using ORCΛ window. Downloading .svg and dragging it into ORCΛ window and clicking on Theme > Open Theme and selecting a downloaded .svg file. Any ideas?

edit: figured it out, was downloading the svgs poorly

edit2: still getting my feet wet but enjoying the dampness very much

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What an inspired piece of software. Max/MSP meets J meets Rogue.

It’s totally orthogonal to the way I want to make music right now, but I am appreciating the hell out of it through the videos, so thanks for those.


Glad to hear you figured it out @bookmil!
@randy Meet dwarfLISP.


Hey guys, I’m not sure if it’s an isolated problem in my case but it seems that there’s a delay when I move around between spaces in Orca or even when I use another program like scrolling this Firefox browser for example or even typing this message, it seems to affect the transmission of the MIDI data between my computer and Orca. I’m using an Thinkpad X200 which is connected to any iPad Pro 10.5 using an iConnectMIDI2+ device. I used to notice it before but I think it’s now more apparent. I’ve already tried it both on Linux Mint and Windows 10 with the drivers installed. Anybody else experiencing this problem?