Orca - Livecoding Tool

A quick test was successful on my end, and I think that I’ve successfully used such a setup before, as well.

Does it happen a fresh patch with nothing plugged in to the MIDI modules? Does it crash immediately upon selection of the second MIDI device? Or does it happen when things get busy? The only thing I can think of is low specs or a buggy module. Otherwise there’s this little performance issue that’s being fixed on the horizon:

But that should only effect audio interfaces as far as I know.

Quick question - can I get midi CC inputs into Orca from a controller

Has anyone figured out how to make a snare drum sound using Pilot?

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As far as I can tell, no. This is something I’ve been wanting badly and thought that ORCA’s document used to have a note receiving operator; although I was likely mistaken about that, it certainly isn’t there now.

The only comparable thing I can think of is to use a lower case increment operator (i) and manually trigger it if, for instance, you just want to cycle through values in the process of construcing a sequence or something, though this is obviously limited in terms of direction and a singular cursor position (certainly there are workarounds for these limitations, but none that quite compare to turning knobs or pushing sliders).

What would you use that for? Or at least, what would be your ideal usecase so I can better understand what you have in mind?

My friend, I appreciate your assistance in the matter.

I’ve narrowed the issue down to two culprits whom refuse to work together within VCV Rack:

loopMIDI & 16n controller

With loopMIDI running, the introduction of 16n crashes VCV Rack immediately.

Of course the 16n operates fine on VCV Rack without loopMIDI running.

Are there any alternatives to loopMIDI for bridging orca to VCV Rack? Any professionals care to weigh in on potentially helpful settings which will allow resolution and unity between these two sworn problem children? Perhaps I am missing a 16n driver?

Best wishes

For example I might have a Euclidean operator and assign the step level to a fader to control density. So I’d need a way to grab 0-127 from the CC (or OSC or UDP), then to scale it to 0-16 (say) for the step.
It might be interesting to assign multiple values in a patch to one fader as a macro control.
Later, maybe it would be possible to slide a selected block east and west with a CC.
I remember asking Alex a similar question re: TidalCycles and it does feel a bit like crossing / mixing the paradigms, so I understand if it’s not something you’d consider.

Oh! I actually do that during my sets. It’s not very hard, there’s a whole part of orca designed to do just that :slight_smile: Depending how you work, it shouldn’t be too hard to setup. If you have puredata or max, it’s very easy.

You want to send your midi controller knob values to max/pd/etc, and route this to orca(like Ryu was doing), but basically, what you want to do is send UDP commands to orca when you turn the knob.

If you send write:4;2;3, it will put "4", at x2,y3.

  • Read your midi knob, with max/pd/etc.
  • Send UDP “write” message, to orca.

Getting same results with orca pi to modular. It’ll set the run light on but no clock out.
As for speed on the pi I’m happy with it in pi 3B. I’m only sending midi.


as for using Live Link sending the run command, i’m getting better results

so the left outlet resets the frames every bar, and the right outlet bangs every beat so keeps the frames ticking over.
the reset isn’t instant like it misses this bar so at 112bpm i give a delay of 900ms to keep it in sync and the frames i give a delay of 9ms to allow for latency… will post a video of it in action later…


Fantastic, just about got it working. The trick was escaping the semicolons in the write command:



You are all mad, I love it.


much love for the mad peps around!

guys I want to share my happiness with you… trying out to find a good usb to midi interface I just found this borrowed from a friend…
midi mate ex

it has 2 indipendent I/O so you can send or receive 2 out or ins the same time… the problem is that most sw just see a port ( it has 2 ports . 1 and 2) each time… trying to merge midi devices on mac os didnt work (cause you can aggregate just audio device with midi but no midi devices)

so I just send my midi from orca to ableton live via iac driver and than to my synth routing different track on ableton (that merge midi device natively) and splitting my midi msgs to single synth…

hope this could help or inspire somebody

happiness its a warm gun (cit.) :star_struck:

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Took a while. Couldn’t get soundflower working. Turned out it had weirdly muted itself in the system. Aargh.

This is so awsome, thanks to @ryu , @TomWhitwell , @leolodreamland and @neauoire I have been able to experiment with the MaxMSP to ORCA capabilities. I have found that you can control “start, stop, run, frame:0, find, copy, paste, erase, BPM, APM, skip and rewind” along with being able to control the position and writing in operators. This has truely been eye-opening for me, thank you so much all of you are amazing and I really loves this community.



I am also trying to make a Github repo for various ways of connecting ORCA with MaxMSP, I hope some of you may find this useful. Let me know if there is something that I am missing, or could add to this repo


Hey there!

I am currently exploring Orca with VCV Rack.

For some reason I cannot get Orca to send MIDI Clock messages to VCV Rack.
I use a MIDI monitor to check for Clock messages, but none appear.

Should it be sending those messages by default or is there an option to enable MIDI Clock?

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Try Midi > Play/Pause Midi with CmdOrCtrl+Space.

is 60 the (s)lowest current possible bpm in ORCA?

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Same result. No MIDI Clock.

I get Start/Stop messages and Note On/Off. Nothing else.

Same here. I can’t get clock signals into or out of ORCA using VCV Rack, which is strange considering I’ve been able to go both ways successfully with Bitwig.