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I am looking for a way to create a vallue that is bigger then Z. So something bigger then 36. The A function has not been my friend yet.

The cell itself can’t hold a value higher than 36, but you could create a patch that saves the overflow of an addition onto another cell, and use two numbers to represent a higher value.

If you want to simply send a value that it bigger than Z, you could use the byte or note operators, in the Uxn version, to send a value between 0-255.

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Hey! Sorry if this is the wrong place for this but I’m just wondering if there’s a way to clock the random function?


Should probably add some context incase there’s another way to do it. I’m trying to get some random notes in a scale but I just want to slow this down a bit.

Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 11.15.15 pm

you can use a lowercase R and it will only fire when it receives a bang - then you can clock it with an adjacent D or U command, etc

this is true of the lowercase version of any command, btw :slight_smile:


Oh wow that changes everything! Thanks!

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I’ve been doing some hex dumping of network traffic – strictly for responsible educational purposes of course – and it’s been reminding me of Orca and you all.

Keep bleeping!!


why this hex dump look like it bout to drop the most fire orca techno set of 2022


After years of Orca, I can assure you that whenever I see dot-filled hexdumps, my brain automatically tries to make sense of it as an Orca program first.


Has anyone actually made a script that converts any file to Orca format, with “this is what it’d look like in the character portion of hex editor with this column width” kind of logic, “quantizing” the unknown symbols to anothers or simply removing them? I’m sure that would be interesting…

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I would start with the old school Unix ways

~ $ hexdump --skip 6666 --length 128 software/uxn-roms/orca-toy/bin/orca.rom -C | cut --delimiter='|' --fields 2 | head -n -1
Orca input
ments a line..!.

Then some transformation filter with tr, sed, awk or Python (or Perl ;))


Helloooooo, prolly a total noob question, but, is it possible to, instead of send Midi CC, also read Midi CC? So if I want to Midi Control certain aspects of my patch I could write code that reads midi cc on a certain channel and translates it into a value between 0 and z?

Sorry if this has been discussed…did someone got it to work on rpi with a 5inch display and to start automatic on boot. I`m guessing ORCA-c. Interested to make a dedicated little device just to run just ORCA.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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I don’t believe there’s a way to do this natively with just Orca. I remember building something that would do this using PD in between the midi device and ORCA over UDP or OSC. It worked fine but I ended up never using it. I’ll see if I can dig it up for you.

edit: Here is the post… I got part way there and got help from @rebderless - as you do around here!

these just moved the cursor around and wrote "E"s everywhere but would be pretty effortless to connect to midi CC from there.


Hello ~
on Pilot’s Github page, it says
1OSCsisq = Set Osc1:Sine, Osc2:Square
Does that mean the waveform on channel 1 is modulated by a sine and a square wave? or it means there is a way I can choose to use these two waves separately in channel 1? And can one set a second OSC on channel A to F? And in some Pilot demo videos, the envelop, waveform and effects are highlighted when hit, not in current version?(I am using a mac version) or there is an animation setting somewhere? Thank you for answering!

hi people, i’ve migrated to an old mac book pro 2012 and im trying to use orca but i got this strange behavior, no midi operators can be triggered. all the other operators yes also lowercase letters. did somebody face the same prblem?

did you select the midi interface? i think the command is shift+</>, you should see it cycle at the bottom of the screen.

yes i’ve select the midi interface (the shortcut is cmd+. or cmd+, but even from the menu nothing change) is seems to be a different problem but im really lost, i tried different interfaces and also iac drivers. just the midi operator can be triggered and for that i mean that they dont blink on orca and i dont receive any note out

edit: after many reinstallations now seems to work

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hello :wink:

I’m new to orca, tried it out for a couple of hours and made this small cover of Yves Tumor’s Limerence.
I have orca sending midi to a gameboy running mGB, which is then processed by a korg NTS-1 for delay and reverb.


I’m excited to dig in deeper into the possibilities of orca!


Sorry for the newb question but is there any way to run orca on an ipad/iphone? I have my laptop sequencing my digitakt but would like to also use orca with the digitone. The single midi out is killing me :joy: i love orca so much. Thank you!

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hello: I would very much like to faff around with Orca and send the results to play some of Logic’s synthesisers. But I can’t see my IAC bus in the Orca Midi menu. I installed the OSX build from the website, and Orca launches and responds fine (even lets me change themes), but no sound yet, have I installed this correctly, or do I need to do some extra Terminal shenanigans? thank you

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