Orca - Livecoding Tool

Have you checked a C implementation port? It uses PortMidi and works great on my machine with Ableton.

Midi Thru and different channels?

Have you gone to your audio/midi options and made sure that the IAC Bus is enabled? I recently ran into this… :sweat_smile:

Hallo. I’m curious if anyone here is using Orca on a 32bit Windows machine and how they are doing this? I have a small Panasonic handheld computer called a CF-U1 (running 32bit minimal install Windows 7) that I’m very, very fond of that I usually only use with Sunvox.

I’d love to use Orca on this, but have so far only been able to achieve this by having Chrome installed, using the browser version or Orca, and saving an offline version of the Orca website. Chrome is incredibly resource heavy for such a low powered machine. This CF-U1 is not a computer that I would normally go online with, it would be much too slow.

So this setup does work. I have webMIDI enabled in chrome, LoopMIDI installed and Orca is triggering sounds in my Sunvox, but I’d like to find a way to do this without having to have Chrome running.

So is anyone else here using Orca in a Windows 32bit, non-browser centric way? Or have any good ideas as to how I might achieve this?

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that thing looks cute :slight_smile:

not a windows guy myself so can’t vouch for them but two options spring to mind:

orca-c, terminal version, definitely good for low power devices but install might be fiddly?

alternatively, run the uxn version using uxn32 (probably a lot easier actually)


Thanks for your reply! Since posting I’ve been trying that uxn32 version. I can run the uxn roms included in the ‘Uxn32 Essentials Pack’ fine, but if I try to run the Orca rom I get (what I think is) a debugging window called ‘Beetbug’. I need to do some more investigating on that to see what that’s all about. I’ll have another look at it this evening. Maybe I’ll check out that terminal version also. Thanks again. It’s appreciated.

Mostly unrelated but me and @ollbam recorded a playthough of Hiversaires from 100r @neauoire
I played many hours of this game on my iPhone 4 far before I was making music or knew of orca and I think it inspired a particular mindset for the direction/aesthetic I ended up going in.


I’ve created ORCΛ PLΛY a combination of the famos livecoding sequencer Orca together with the companion application Pilot. This browser application allows to run Orca patterns without additional setup. ORCΛ PLΛY includes additional samples for drums and synths based on samples. Some Orca examples have also been added. Just start a random example by pressing CtrlOrCmd+R.



I was not able to accomplish it on 32bit Windows and ended up using a 32 bit linux linux distro on my handheld rugged pc. The tradeoff was losing a few special buttons, but running orca and a synth got dramatically simpler.


That’s awesome, I never expect the ven diagram of Yves Tumor and Orca, but this is perfect!

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@neauoire Can I send a $ command to change the tempo in the uxn version?

Hiya, what distro and desktop enviro did you use and were you able to calibrate the touchscreen in Linux? All the linux distros I tried (no matter how lightweight) seemed sluggish compared to Win7 on my CF-U1 and Xinput just wouldn’t calibrate, despite various tutorials I found online. Ultimately though I am more at home with Windows.

i used antix, the full versions. i believe it ships with its own window manager. the touch screen got “close enough” for me, but i’d be lying if i said it wasn’t a bit off.

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Not at the moment but I can definitely add it :slight_smile: The thing with orca-uxn is that the bpm is not very granular, it can only ever be a ratio of 1/60th of a second.