Orca’s Heart

Orca’s Heart

a quad algorithmic polyrhythmic sequence generating vcvrack module

orca’s heart is a quad sequence generator based on orca, the alternative firmware for the monome white whale module. it generates up to 4 sequences (CV/gate), 4 modulation CVs and 4 gates. It uses the same principle as the original orca - combining 4 clocks running on different divisions of the main clock to generate notes. this can result in surprisingly complex and expressive sequences, especially when you change various underlying parameters.






the latest stable version is available in vcvrack library
beta releases are here: https://github.com/scanner-darkly/vcv-collection-one/releases

github link


could one of the mods add vcvrack tag please?
edit: thanks @glia!


the plan is to add this to the vcvrack library once finalized but wanted to release a beta version first to gather feedback. any feedback is greatly appreciated!

some demos:


This is so very very cool. I CANNOT wait to have some time to really sit down with this!

Any thoughts on bringing the grid in to the mix?

PS, your examples are great! I see that most are mainly sample driven through Kontakt, am I correct?

it’s quite a different concept from the original - you don’t need grid to edit individual parameters, but it could be potentially cool to create a self patched matrix using grid interface, it’s one of the things i’m considering.

and yes, you’re right, i’m using kontakt. my typical patch is 4 voices where each voice is a combination of a simple synth voice (macro oscillator / adsr / vca / filter / delay) and a kontakt instance - i find this makes for a very flexible setup.

I’m using it now and it’s pretty cool. Using only one voice on a pretty bonkers patch I’ve put together and its… wild.

Was curious how to access the visualizer of the patch. Currently on the MacOS version I’m running, it is just showing the params. This isn’t an issue, but I just was wondering if I was missing something.30

make sure to throw modulation at it - that’s where things get really interesting!

i hid the visualizer for now simply 'cause i couldn’t figure out where to place it ) it’ll be back in the final version.

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Hell yah I’m gonna modulate it! Just had built a very bonkers set of VCO’s that would go hairwire with enough V/Oct changes, so was enjoying this automated version of that :wink:

This will for sure be a very good piece of my tool kit.

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Can’t wait to get off work to try this… and thanks for the binaries too. I’m still having a little trouble with @Dewb’s awesome Trilogy efforts when building for some reason. (me, the reason is surely, me). This fired right up!


For the trilogy modules, you can get binaries from github now: https://github.com/Dewb/monome-rack/releases


This is awesome! Goes really nicely with an octasource and 4 FM-OPs with snappy envelopes. Already can tell will be one of my goto sequencers. Thanks for all the hard work!


@scanner_darkly this is superb! so impressed with your instrument designs.


Fantastic! Thanks @Dewb, I hope I didn’t sound ungrateful.

Building/compiling is still a semi foreign concept for a js dev like me, and while I still fully intended to circle back, I appreciate being able to cut to the chase.

Omri Cohen just finished this fantastic live stream featuring Orca’s Heart. Sounds so good.


Congrats @scanner_darkly. It’s been cool seeing your progress as you’ve refined the design and layout. I love what you’ve come up with as the final version!


Yes yes YES this is a fantastic addition to VCV Rack! Thank you so much for sharing this.

One minor display issue - the parameter name for ALGO Y is displayed as ALGO X.

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Could someone help me figure out how to load this on a Windows machine running Rack? Many thanks.

Download it and unzip to your Rack / plugins-v1 folder. I had to disable Norton since it deletes the DLL on download.

EDIT: FWIW, I downloaded the beta build for Windows from the release folder on git or the link above


Oh, cool. That worked. I’d read somewhere you just put the Zip file in and it handles it, but putting the unzipped did the trick. This super. Thanks!

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^ added a diagram to the manual.

also fixed a bug with +octave inputs and the algo x typo.

the builds are now located here: https://github.com/scanner-darkly/vcv-collection-one/releases (i’ve setup travis so i can now generate builds for all 3 platforms).