Here’s a pattern using lowercase i which will allow the < grid read operator to act as a toggle instead of just a momentary button. With creative use of other lower case operators, you can use this to mute on & off different scenes within a patch


Line 1 reads in the momentary button from col1, row1 on the grid
Line 3 increments on the bang from the button press
Line 4 adds one as T will ignore 0
Line 5 advances a T track with a bang
Line 6 stores into a variable and will hold the bang in place until pressed again


Hello, is it normal that internal clock isn’t steady when using Orca? I’m always experiencing a lot instability, I’ve watched a lot of videos about Orca with rhythm patches, but I’ve never noticed something like that.

Any advice, thanks?!

it should be steady after a fresh launch - although i often find after using it for a while, i hit a point where it gets a bit ‘sticky’ and unreliable. usually after starting a new patch or changing the engine. i know you’re suppose to stop & restart the clock after engine changes, but it often locks up for me regardless.


Base36 is base36, but for hitting each of the 128 MIDI cc knobs i wonder if any wizard would have design ideas … i can think of no direct way, but maybe a user definable mapping would not be implausible and not soooo far from the (esoteric) Orca way to do things…

Given eg the following user defined mapping for eg NTS-1, where MIDI cc 43 is filter depth

param cc
a 14
b 16
c 19
d 42
e 43
f 44

Then to ramp the filter


Note the e, which the param would map to MIDI cc 43.


Yes! I’ve been wanting to use Orca with my microgranny. It’s CCs are like in the 100-108 range…

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+1, would be good for working with Volcas too

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Hi everyone,

I use a french keyboard (AZERTY) and i configured the HID to the FR layout.
It doesn’t seem to work for Orca. Anyone knows how to get around this problem ?

you can change manually in thte code

I did this awhile back with desktop Orca, perhaps this approach could be reused here? add midi mapping json by echophon · Pull Request #103 · hundredrabbits/Orca · GitHub

I just submitted a pull request with a tweak I made to the cc op. I added another parameter for knob offset. This is clamped to 3. The offset gets added to the knob param.
!00z0 sends to cc 35
!01z0 sends to cc 71
!02z0 sends to cc 107
!03z0 sends to cc 127 (any cc over 127 gets set to 127)

I made it so the current cc is displayed when the cursor is on the knob parameter.

I’m gonna test it more this afternoon, but it seems to be working well. I’ll holler here if/when my pull requests is approved by @its_your_bedtime


Ooh! Orca sending MIDI CC to Digitone