Orca's Heart Multipass

Super excited about this one! I wasn’t expecting the ER-301 integration, woot woot!

one of the benefits of using multipass for developing apps - it’s very easy to make it work with any of the supported i2c devices, and er-301 is one of them.

Thanks for this early xmas present @scanner_darkly! I haven’t used VCV but your Instagram posts demonstrating OH have been fantastic!

I am thinking I will run Ansible with OH -> Just Friends and Teletype ->TXi->TXo on two separate i2c buses. I don’t recall reading of multiple i2c buses, but assume it’s totally fine in the same case…?

yeah, definitely! you can have multiple i2c buses within the same case.

for your scenario you could even have them all on the same i2c bus, as long as you don’t use i2c on ansible/OH and teletype at the same time. this way you don’t need to worry about getting an i2c backpack or txb for the ansible/OH+just friends bus, and you could use OH with TXo as well!

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Right, because the two leaders (AnsibleOH and TT) would be transmitting on the same bus and the instructions would be sent sequentially, causing delays or misses.

I understand that OH speaks directly to JF but can the Ansible INs and OUTs be used? Could I, for instance,send clock out of AnsibleOH to sync with TT (running as a separate leader)?

right now it will mirror voices (pitch/gate) to physical outputs, so in case of ansible you will get voices 1-4 output on CV/gate outputs 1-4. i’m planning to make it switchable so you could choose between voices / modulation (basically, additional gates and stepped voltages) / clock/reset.

until i add that there is no way to get a clock out, but you could instead clock ansible from teletype - the left input on ansible is clock in, the right input is reset.


You’ve really created something special here @scanner_darkly, this is so instantly musical, I’m blown away. Thank you.
Im able to run OH on an ansible i2c chained to everyhthing else in my system, It locked up my teletype right off the bat until I loaded a blank scene, with OH sequencing just friends everything seems ok just as long as i don’t have teletype talk to JF as well via i2c, I am clocking the ansible via teletype trigger out into IN 1. Looking forward to attempt sequencing my txo as well this evening.

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Awesome! Just ordered another Ansible to be a dedicated OH module.


is it necessary to have a GRID to run OH on a TT / ER301 or is possible without one?

@scanner_darkly does the clock in/out section of the white whale module serve as clock in/out for orca’s heart?

yeah, you do need a grid as everything is controlled from that. i thought of using txi or faderbank to control parameters, but you’d still want to be able to select scale notes, so grid is a must.

the clock in should already work, i still need to implement clock out - should hopefully post an update today!

did anybody have a chance to try the new zip files on mac?

awesome! I need to do some reconfiguration in my case, but should be able to try the download sometime this weekend

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I was able to flash Ansible from a Mac using the Zip files (sorry if that wasn’t the question).

I only had a little time with this last night. I wasn’t entirely sure what each of the parameter changes were doing, but I found it incredibly fun to play. Can’t wait to dig in further. Thanks for this!

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Started, but realized didn’t have a USB A-A cable. Should arrive tomorrow, will keep you posted

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Thanks @scanner_darkly for your work and the release of Orca´s heart multipass.

I think im going to install it on my teletype :slight_smile: and i had a few questions if you dont mind.

When you mean the telexo can be used, does the telexo output pitch / gate signals or is it actually waveforms? (I have the telexo+)

Any way the txi could be used with it?

Is support for arc planned to be implemented?

Finally any videos i can watch? The vcv rack ones?

Sorry if i have missed some obvious details.



Ok so i got to flash the teletype with the firmware.

As far as i can tell the cv / gate outs on teletype transmit pitch / gate info and the txo transmit audio waves?

Is there a way to change / choose waveforms on the txo?



great, thanks for confirming!

added short descriptions of what kind of effect various parameters have: https://github.com/scanner-darkly/orcas-heart/wiki/parameters

it uses telexo as a sound source, not a CV source. i might add the ability to use it as a CV source later.

no plans for either currently, but if there is an interesting use case i will consider adding it.

there are some short demos on my instagram - don’t pay too much attention to the UI as it changed several times during the development process. the vcvrack ones are also applicable but mod matrixes in this version can have a profound effect (i plan to add similar functionality to the vcvrack module in the form of expanders).

correct! there will be an option in the future to use outputs for modulation, and txo for outputting CV/gates.

not currently, but will add it eventually (and it’ll be available as a destination for mod matrixes).


posted new version 0.2


  • number of presets increased to 16
  • ability to mute individual voices
  • brightness levels adjusted
  • mod matrix: scale destinations will react to positive changes only
  • stay on presets page after loading a preset
  • preset 1 was always loaded on startup - fixed

and added some docs:


Wow! Thanks for the feedback and info! Hats off !

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OH feels really special @scanner_darkly, thank you and well done (and sorry for sequeing right into asking for something more :sweat:).

You had mentioned on Instagram the possibility of OH responding to Ansible TT commands, would KR.CLK be a possibility? My dream is to have CH 2-6 going to JF while a clock divised CH 1 goes to a droning Mangrove…

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do you mean the ability to clock OH from teletype using an op? this wouldn’t be possible, since OH acts as an i2c leader and it can’t be a leader and a follower at the same time.

as a workaround you could just send a trigger to one of the teletype outputs and patch a cable into trigger input 1 on ansible.