ORES Live set using 3D sound (Binaural headphones listening)

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Hello everyone,
It is not properly a release I would like to show here but a live set I did during confinement for some friends here in France.

Why I would like to show it here?
The live set is half improvised with a monome + ansible as sequencer and it is all played with my modular + Tanzbar but is also features a software I am currently developing with another friend of mine to perform in 3D audio.
The live is better listened to in headphones in order to have the full effects.
What we are really proud of is that we believe we are developing something that will allow artists to use those 3D sound techniques as an instrument for composition.

I cannot say more of this until we have finished it but I would really appreciate some feedback.

Please be aware that I personally do not like to use those 3D sound techniques for special effects like spinning stuff or continuously moving sound images but mainly to create an immersive environment.

Thanks for listening

P.s. there are about 15 min of silence mid way in the live set due to some internet connection issue…so please stick with it until the end.