Organelle and Monome

might need to assess the power draw capabilities. organelle isn’t open source is it?

According to the product page, it is open source. But it only lists 2 USB ports, no info on power from them

If power isn’t avaible, the ext5v could be used for this purpose, correct?



hi i am hunting for the thread that link these two
I have an extra "reseacrh’ organelle i am willing to try to get these to talking but i dont want to reinvent the wheel

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seems you found it

@quilime built a working foundation for uniting the two tools

Yes, @quilime’s work is documented in the Organelle forum thread I linked to above, and also this thread:

Organelle is open source! 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 with 512 MB RAM, runs Pure Data on Arch Linux.

I have my Monome 128 Gray Scale working via serialosc on the Organelle. I use a powered external USB hub. When plugging my 128 grid in directly to one of the Organelle’s 2 USB ports, it doesn’t get enough juice. The grid works, but half lights up. A 64 grid should be fine.


I know this is an old thread, but has anyone recently used a 128 grid with the Organelle? I’ve been digging around trying to find more info, but I still only see the one patch by @quilime.

I finally decided to pull the trigger and ordered the one twenty eight last night. Stoked to try to use it with my Organelle.

Hey there. Yep, works! I’m not the only one, there’s more patches coming soon. There’s some updates I’m working on for the Organelle OSv3 and getting SerialOSC working properly as a daemon with an installer. You can follow progress in the C+G forum here. There’s progress getting some Aleph apps going, too.

My current patches (for Organelle OSv2) are here – It still works with OSv3, but must be in the root of the Patches/ folder.

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Awesome, thanks!!! Can’t wait to dive in!


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have also got this working today, thanks to @quilime’s excellent work!

here’s a quick 4-track asynchronous drum machine i made today as a test patch.


Sounds awesome!!!

For completeness of this thread, the new patches are published here:

And the source is here:


excellent, looking forward to checking out these monome app ports when i get home tonight. (fwiw, i used this auto installer patch yesterday and it worked flawlessly!)

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started working on a basic implementation of mlr functionality for monome + organelle tonight. anyone else using these two for live looping/sample slicing?


Wow, if you could pull this off…
Not using my Organelle for live looping, but having an MLR patch running on it could make me buy a grid again.


this is awesome.
i performed solely with mlr for years, and since getting a grid again and ansible/teletype i’ve been ITCHIN’ to get mlr running again. thanks for doing this, and please post your code sometime!!!


Nice work - will be keeping a keen eye on the development of your patch - would be great to have mlr in such a compact setup.


Also wrote on the Organelle forum but:

Just installed Serialosc. Here is a picture of the 128 Grayscale plugges directly. Not sure if it is less stable without hub but everything seems to work for now. Got to do some more testing :slight_smile:
Not using the Original power adapter btw. Don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

Btw: Is there a small quantization on the keys? Just testing with the Poly patch with the wooden buttons I can get notes so short that I can’t even really hear the pitch. With the Monome I can’t seem to get it as short. Also not sure if there is a tiiiny bit more latency with the Monome?

Also: Can we flip the rotation like I can do in the settings on my Mac? The usb should reeeaaally be on the right side where the ports are.


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haven’t really noticed any monome latency myself.

rotation should be possible using the following message to serialosc in pd:

/sys/rotation 180

Thanks I’ll try the rotationmessage!

Did you try the grid basic poly patch to compare the monome to the wooden keys?