Organelle and Monome


Thanks I’ll try the rotationmessage!

Did you try the grid basic poly patch to compare the monome to the wooden keys?


Hi everyone,

This topic is probably not new. But after reading several things about the integration of monome and organelle it’s still not very clear to me.

Does a mlr patch exist, that allows a monome 64 to talk to the organelle? Other sequence patches are also welcome. I m very curious.

Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:


@RenMegane go here and read that topic, you’ll find code for a kind of mlr patch for the organelle and monome grid.


@RenMegane minimal assembly required in pure data… but everything you need to get started towards a customizable mlr system on organelle is here:

any questions, let me know.


Thanks @josephbranciforte
gonna have a serious look at it .


There’s a new port of meadowphysics specifically for the modular environment Orac (thread link, patch storage link). I haven’t tried it yet, but in theory it’s very exciting because you could get quite deep with just an Organelle and a Grids now (meadowphysics sitting anywhere in one or more chains of multiple instruments/effects)

The author junklight is working on porting kria to Orac as well, and is waiting for Orac 1.1 (with its forthcoming modulation busses) to port white whale.