Organelle Fluidsynth Vintage Synth Series

Hi folks
I am wondering if it’s ok to post organelle related topics here if only for people who might own an organelle as well as the amazing monome stuff to keep track without having to pop into a ton of forums. I am working for Critter & Guitari now creating premium patches that use FluidSynth~, Csound, LADSPA, RTCmix, else, ARGO, AUTOMATIONISM, FFTease, Soundhack, RJDJ, l2ork and Soundhack libraries for users.

My goal has been to make the organelle a full featured sonic electro-acoustic sound design tool This weeks premium patches included an ARP Odyssey clone, Two Aleatoric Glitch/grainers, an autotune~ effect, a Gingerbread Fractal Generator, a Brownian Noise Drum and a MiniMoog.

here’s a link to the minimoog if you have one and are interested. I would like to integrate some of these with the monome over the next few weeks




Yes, of course it’s OK to post here about it! I was gonna tell you over there…don’t get discourage by the initial response to some patches because you (and @TheTechnobear) are actually creating content faster than users can test!


I’m intrigued

Also interested in the Csound and Fluidsynth excursions because I know so little about em. Great to see efforts to take advantage of Eric Lyon’s prior work with PD as well.

While I have your attention…didn’t want to necrobump an old thread about running Supercollider on organelle: is this something you have considered tackling in your new expanded role with C&G???

SC should just run ‘out of the box’ pretty much …
I’ll see if it’s on pacman already, otherwise just need to do an arm build, and check dependencies.

What are you looking for? An installer/stop/stop scripts?

I’m assuming using a remote client , organelle screen is a bit small for acting as a console :slight_smile:

I assume just base packages initially !?

Should be easy enough, let me know, I’ll do in exchange for me pestering you with SC questions :wink:

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What are “premium patches”, in the context of the organelle? Is C&G monetizing it in any way or is that just the name for the series of patches you’re creating?

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I assume/hope its meant to be ‘quality’, I think it would be hard to sell such patches, especially as much is based on open source. to monetize I think would be a bit against that spirit.

I will admit, I don’t like this phrasing however, this kind of implies its better than the patches us mere mortals are creating.

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Nope honestly I think it’s really just distinguishing between some of the newer stuff and the older/simpler patches owen and chris made for the platform.

The multipage UI really opens things up for all of us…I doubt they would ever insinuate these premium patches are “superior” by default. Not their intent at all

Frankly, I don’t know exactly what I want…last I heard one user hit a wall while trying to build SC on his device.

Lots you could probably do somehow (sequence stored tidal scripts with a grid?) but I think it would just be rad to have another means to produce and process sound. There are so many resources and patches already created for SC and I thought they could be mapped to organelle controls, I/O, etc

Could be wrong though

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I know I should get one. I’ve bought the Pisound to make a kind of cheap ghetto Organelle, which should work… but it will probably be a bit more cumbersome to use due to the lack of visual feedback (no display, except if you want to carry around something to display Pd in some way, be it a monitor or a computer to SSH/VNC into it).

I need to try and see how hard it is to adapt the Organelle patches to vanilla Pd…

Most (nearly all?) are built on vanilla @papernoise

ok, found these thread from before my time :slight_smile:

seems to cover most bases, but looks like it faltered at the last step… I’ll give it a go, I’m sure with the correct magic incantations it’ll work fine :wink:
(the issues with mother and needing a custom version have been resolved, and if we need more I can add to the current beta)

… id like to also see if I can get it working without jack, remove a few of the dependencies, and see if I can get offline pacman working for the install…

will let you know when I get a chance to try it :slight_smile:


I guess what I wanted to say that I have to try to see how much work it is to replace all the Organelle-specific things with say mappings to a MIDI controller.

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Please lets not make this a supercollider thread bro. This is about the patches that i feel are worthwhile to offer to folks, Critter & Guitari has retained me to make some patches for them and focus my development in the aforementioned C languages, external libraries and 20+ years & TBs of patches i have saved since Miller Released Pure Data. I have saved them all on CD, Back drives and the cloud, did my MFA in Digital Media on Pure Data for live performance tools and have updated, saved and re-configured patches for many many years.

So Premium perhaps in that you are not going to find them anywhere else but on the Critter& Guitari site. only certain ones will be released onto patchstorage and my development custom built pedal emulations/specific user designs are available for a fee [FOR THE TIME SPENT NOT SELLING PD PATCHES] on the pateron site

But because i really love the organelle [i have two of them now] i decided to focus a large amount of my time this summer creating Patches ONLY for C&G.


@papernoise most patches could be easily run on an organelle ‘emulation’.

the display is an important part of most patches, especially now there are multiple pages …so you would probably need something in its place.
an emulation would not be too difficult, since the organelle uses OSC to communicate between the patch/mother.pd/mother process, so easy to switch out the actually hardware.
(might be a tricky without an Organelle, just because its easier to see what is going on when you can see it running)
… as for display, you could get a small oled display connected via i2c/spi… or write an ipad app :slight_smile:

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If people are interested in Desktop versions of the patches that can be achieved as well


apologies for going off-topic… will raise another thread when appropriate.

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I am not discouraged at all. I have been patching so long that it’s good to remember that you have to create them for new users to play with too. Sometimes when people say it’s not working before tweaking a bit it’s a little frustrating but t helps iron out annoying bugs etc… The moog i just posted for example was written around 1999 so it has some archaic code in it for example there is a file called g* which linux does not like and renames [g?] so it was causing a hair pulling on my part but eventually i think it helped the patch play cleaner and sound better


thanks don’t mean to be pissy i pretty sure we can get SC3 running on Organelle VIA pd but probably via the shell command might be easiest. SC on linux has always been pretty easy. I am sure we can get it to work but it would be running instruments not editing them of course. RTCmix is going to be the bomb because it has Physical Models that Gary Scavonne wrote for STK in them and they sound amazing


I just received this super nice email from a Synth designer fellow who reminded me of this patch. I was re-reading Calvino and decided i wanted to make an ambient city scape patch lol

Invisible City for Organelle


that makes the Organelle even more interesting to me :smiley:

Btw. did you write the externals for the Braids oscillator and Rings resonator?

MiniMoog How to:

The AUX buttons for this synth do some fun stuff
The first three change the WAVEFORM shape from
0 - Triangle 1- Saw Triangle 2- Saw 3- Square 4 - Wide Pulse 5- Narrow Pulse
line5 on each page should tell you which one is selected, you have to press once for it to show the current waveshape.

Aux4 Turns on the LINE IN so it is possible to use the moog to process external sounds
Au4 4 Also turns on the Filter function at the same time

Aux5 turns on Reattack for the envelope
Aux6 Turns on the ControL for Osc one
Aux7 turns on the 8 step sequencer
Aux8 turns on OSC modulation for OSC 2

AND! Footswitch Turns on the ControL for Osc two and also reverses Osc3 for LFO stuff!

it makes things a little interesting and since i just bought a footswitch company …no j/k i ran out of switches so you need to have a footswitch for full features

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