Original Arc 2 support/scripts?

TLDR version; Does the new Monome ecology support the older ecology ie can I use my original Arc 2 (or monobright grids for that matter) with Norns/Ansible/Crow?

Greeting fellow humans and other species. Apologies if this has been addressed before, but all results for searching seem to refer to the latest version of the Arc (4 encoders, beautiful looking, I don’t have one)
I have been involved in the Monome ecology for a long time, (some of you might know me) but dropped off the radar a bit when raising children and work became a high priority. Flash forward a few years and I have rediscovered why I originally fell in love with Monome in the first place, whilst also being vaguely aware that my old uni-bright grids and old Arc 2 had long been superseded by newer thinner vari-bright, admittedly sexy as hell versions.
Getting into Euroroack did it for me, when I found Ansible and purchased a DIY vari-bright grid from one of the local Australian Wigglers.
NOW I am expecting a Norns Shield & Crow in the mail but was wondering if there are any scripts and/or hints that might allow me to use my beloved original Arc 2 (push encoder, lovely wood surrounds) with any of these new tools?

Arc2 should work just fine with norns.

You can also make use of the push encoders although not many scripts have that functionality enabled.


for 64 Grids: Norns Scripts for a 64 Grid

Arc 2 works great

Rangl is my favorite and has become a permanent fixture in my setup.


Thank you! I really should look at learning a modicum of coding, than I may be able to include the functionality I need into some scripts.

Thanks! I expect the hardware to arrive later this week or early next week, but am looking forward to exploring what is on offer. I will certainly check out Rangl.

I use my push button arc2 with a norns shield. No scripts currently utilize the push button function. But it is supported. Arcify works well for adding arc support to scripts. I was able to arcify a simple script like molly_the_poly and utilize the push button function of my arc 2 with zero coding experience and some hands on help from the norns discord. A version of cheat codes exists with arc 2 support. I’d be happy to share what I have and talk more about arc 2s potential with norns with anyone in a pm :slight_smile:


Thank you Clashley1, I would love to try my hand at using Arcify to work with certain scripts to enable more functionality with my Arc 2.
I am not expecting my Norns shield to arrive until later this week, but will pm you when I get it and familiarize myself with maiden etc, if that’s ok?

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