Ornament and Crime

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Ornaments + Crimes: Such a killer module. I have two of these, as every “app” on here is useful. There’s a quad quantizer on here. Each quantizer can be manipulated independently or together. Each quantizer can receive a separate input or use a built-in random source (LFSR like the Turing Machine, Logistic Chaos map, and more). This playlist is fantastic: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxzWZ5Bv5AwyYk5KDnGvEHWs8CzAXnvec8 The Temps Utile is the gate and trigger counterpart.


Yeah, unfortunately there’s not a kit. If you’re in the US, ModularAddict has the panel + PCB for $25: http://modularaddict.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=crime3
Synthcube has the metal Grayscale panel + PCB for $45: http://synthcube.com/cart/mxmxmx-ornament-and-crime?search=crime&description=true3

If you’re ordering from either site and don’t have jacks, you’ll need to order Thonkiconns.

You’ll need a screen. I’ve ordered three of these without issue: http://www.ebay.com/itm/172141505278?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT3

You’ll need a Teensy 3.1 or 3.2. You can get them for $25 from Amazon, Mouser, Sparkfun, Adafruit, etc.

Finally, there’s a Mouser cart for all of the passives. The passives for O+C come to $30-40. The $15 DAC is what jacks up the cart cost (not to mention the higher quality op-amps on the O+C). Temps Utile costs about $20 less to build (No DAC, TL074 instead of the nicer amps, etc.). I built both simultaneously since there was a lot of parts overlap.

Really, if you don’t already have a significant collection of parts, the cost of building one from scratch comes pretty close to the cost of finding one used on Muff’s.

…Should we start a new O+C thread?


Anyone got a link to that Mouser cart? These are so tempting, but I’ve only ever done full DIY kits so the prospect of having to buy all the parts is a little daunting.

@trickyflemming, sorry for not replying to this in the other thread; got sidetracked.

I really appreciate the detail in sourcing. As I feared, building an O&C involves a level of procurement I simply don’t have time or patience for. If one comes up used for sale, I will be glad to consider it, but given that I don’t participate over at MW, odds of that are low.

It’s okay. It’s certainly nothing I NEED. But it is damn cool.

I will admire from afar.

It’s a lovely thing, although it’s a slightly tough DIY build - I’m fine with 0806 and SOIC surface-mount components, but that TSSOP DAC was really hard. And really small.

Of course, now it’s working, it’s all grand. But eesh!

Update: found a picture -

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Magpie modular is building a batch if you don’t want to build one there are also a few great builders who can make one for you.


Says sold out on their site :frowning:

The quad (digital) ASR patch was what originally attracted me to it, but I’ve been thinking recently that I might be able to get my friend who coded this (and a whole suite of other algos) https://vimeo.com/148559466
from my designs might well be able to do something similar in ansible. I don’t have a spare second right now, but soon, maybe?

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I think I did read a blurb on the page though that more would be coming. We’ll see.

Ralph from Michigan synth weeks build my two. You can reach out to him. Highly recommended.

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@michael_matos @Larrea thank you both for the info

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That’s really nice. Do I take it from the name that that’s coded on the Disting Mk3? Is it being released?

I believe ThisThing only ran on Disting mk2s, but lloydcole can presumably correct me there.

Aha, found the MW thread, which suggests it currently works on a Mk1 only. This is good news, as I have Mk1 & Mk3 and would have been mildly disappointed if it only worked on a Mk2! Hopefully Os can find some time to help port to a Mk3 at some point.

It’s available for Disting 1 and II right now. It’s free. All the algorithms have their own short videos at my vimeo page. Disting III only just opened up to be hackable, so Bruce (the coder) is looking into it. We should have compatibility by the Spring. Here’s the link, https://github.com/squinkylabs/thisthing and there’s this topic here - ThisThing for Disting

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Any ideas for where I could pick up a built O+C in the UK? I messaged a guy on MW and never heard back, and the Magpie Modular ones are all gone (I also don’t really like their panel design).

If you need one built, I have built mine and can do for you.
I am in London.
Pm me if you would like to discuss

It’s a fantastic module, I’ve got two: one stuck in quantermain (quad quantizer/turing machine/etc) and one to use as needed by the patch.

Bonus pic: o_C with Rogan pucks.


What’s the typical price for buying a pre-built one? I don’t know if I could do some of the smaller parts on these without messing up. So I may seek out a builder for one of these. For 14hp and what it offers, it seems up there with the teletype for its ubiquitous amount of uses.

You know, someone should really just offer a kit with the DAC installed and that’s it. All other components were pretty much a piece of cake. Seems like it would be a win-win.


I support this 100%, I noticed mentioning of that earlier.