Ornament and Crime

I just acquired an O+C, it’s indeed quite awesome! l noticed lot’s of folks building them lately, so prices went down a bit… I paid £185 for mine freshly build and shipping included.

I just acquired one too and it’s amazing, it opens many fields for my small system!
I’d clearly see a use for two… but I’m quite decided to pair it with a Batumi/Poti, keeping the O_c for pitch duties (ASR/Quantizer).

I’m not affiliated in any way but if someone is looking to buy one, i bought mine from Wilzyx on reverb.com, the build is perfect, I paid 185€ shipped to France and received it in a week :slight_smile:


I’ve got a noisering in my rack which I love, but could an O&C be a drop-in replacement for it? With the CopierMaschine app? The HP footprint is the same, seems like a straight upgrade to me.

Hi, could you please tell me how much for import? I’m in Italy I saw that Willzyx ship from Taiwan. Thanks

Mine came through with zero import duty to UK. It was packaged and market up legit as well. So I was kinda surprised there.

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I don’t have an answer to your question, but a hint: as awesome as all the functionality in O+C is, it’s all about menu diving.

Per app there’s only one level of menu diving tho. I find it very acceptable for the functionality.

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Zero import duty for me neither to France, so a pretty good deal, but maybe I’ve just been lucky ? (Wilzyx declared 75$USD as value for me, that may be the upper margin before taxes).
He gives 20$ to O_c developpers for each module sold (they confirmed it in the muffwiggler thread), so even if you have to pay import taxes it should be approximately the “common” price, maybe a bit more (~240€), but you’ll suport the work of the creators and futur firmware updates :slight_smile:

I agree there’s quite menu diving for certain apps, but it offers so much in little space!
I just discovered you can scale the LFOS in Quadraturia to turn them unipolar without external offset/attenuator, just with two menu options (gain/offset), you can also attenuate incoming CVs and save your attenuverters/offsets for other things!


you’re right, it’s more scrolling than diving as the structure is flat. I just wanted to point out the tradeoff between capabilities and accessibility, I should have been more clear. discrete modules certainly have their appeal. that’s my experience with my O+C journey.

Thanks. I think I’m cool with a little menu diving, I seem to spend a lot of time taming the output of the noisering as it is. Rarely use it without attenuating it in some form.


Is there a PDF of the manual for the newest firmware? I can only seem to find 1.2 in pdf format.

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I cannot find Wilzyx on reverb so far. Is it because I’m in the states perhaps? Can someone post a link?

They are all gone for the moment, but I know he makes small batches from time to time, maybe just PM him there : Wilzyx O_c

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I bought a temps utile & O_c from Doberand Labs. Great build quality and will negotiate the price. Paid 400 total shipped for both.

Edit: link to his Reverb store. https://reverb.com/shop/doberand-labs-audio

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Ha, turns out I bought the last O_c from Wilzyx on reverb last night! Very excited to start playing with this module.


Just ordered! Willzyx on Reverb now 2 in stock
Thanks @sns :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the heads up! Strapped for cash at the moment but good to know they are back so quick. Seems like when I an afford one it will be easy to grab then.

You’re welcome @SYS2064 :wink:

Check if the firmware is up to date when you receive it, mine arrived with 1.3.2, but I just realized 1.3.3 is out, gonna update it tomorrow.

Sequins was already great being a dual channel sequencer, each with four 16 steps sequences, individual clock & clock div/mult, scales etc… but with the new firmware the gate outs can be replaced by CV-able enveloppes, so it can free up the two channels of my Maths!
They also added interesting clock divisions (x-1) to do phasing a là Steve Reich when driving two identical sequences with the same fast clock… I can’t wait to try this :slight_smile:


Damn they go quickly. Just got paid annnddd sold out.

I got most of the parts for an O_C some time ago, but then decided to take my modular in a bit of a different direction, and never got around to building it.

We’re both in Sydney (I believe), so I could finish the build and sell it to you, if you’re okay to wait a few weeks? Send me a DM if you’re interested, and we’ll figure something out.