Ornament and Crime


Oh man, I JUST ordered one from Willzyx.com . I’m half expecting him to get back to me and say he has no stock though.

edit: Sydney crew :fist_left:

edit 2: Success! Feels really solid.

edit 3: WOW this thing is really musical. had lots of fun makong three part harmonies with the asr. Feels a little sterile compared to the crazyness of the noisering but its jard to go back. I’m sure there’s some crazy in here somewhere.


Any preferred tutorials? I really like the Voltage Control Lab ones


my last components order for O_c and Temps Utile is coming in a few days, i’m feeling impatient to start the build :slight_smile:


Can wait to hear whT you conjure up with them :grinning:


I ordered a O+C from Willxyz on Reverb. This is a great module, I haven’t used anything other than Copier Machine yet. Super fun. Super flexible module.


Just picked up the 8hp version of o_c and have reallly been enjoying it. the chord generating Acid Crurds and the Euclidean rhythms in piqued mode are my current favorites.


I just ordered parts to build a 8hp uO_C and I think my delivery got stolen from my porch. Maybe a reformed thief will turn synth DIYer…:expressionless:


Just out of curiosity - anyone figured out a way to have “scenes” saved on the O_c? For example, different presets for piqued (the default one for me, in Euclidean mode). Would definitely increase the usefulness.


As far as I know, you can’t. The way the O_C works is that you have to manually save the current state and that’s what is getting loaded when you power it up. It’s also not saving automatically afaik, you have to do that manually. Presets would be useful indeed, but I guess that’s the limitations of the platform it runs on.


Yep, not sure if teensy is capable of doing that either. Just using the “saved state” yes. Maybe in a firmware someday, fingers xed! Sweet module, and yeah that adc chip is quite a pain to solder! :laughing:


Yeah some kind of preset system would be fantastic but probably tough to implement with the current hardware. Maybe an o_c mk.2 could have a microSD for presets (and more)


MicroSD does sound like a great idea for presets, looks like the current o_c writes the settings into the teensy EEPROM, which can probably do only so much. Would be nifty but hey, it’s doing so much already. Frankly even the fact that it’s possible to save all the app states is a huge upgrade from the early firmware. :slight_smile: :man_shrugging: Huge thanks to the dudes that put this firmware together!


yeah, I wonder if maybe removing the Teensy from the equation would help this? I certainly don’t have a deep understanding of microcontrollers, but now that the concept seems mature, perhaps a second iteration could build in some of these extra capabilities by being purpose-built around a chosen microcontroller rather than acting as a very graceful Teensy/Arduino shield (though this is presumably more complicated to design in the first place). I suppose this would also complicate the DIY aspect, too, since soldering a very fine pitch MCU is harder than soldering headers and SMD passive components.


Yeah, I think moving to something QFPish would complicate the build a lot… but not nearly as much as not having a USB bootloader.

The advantage of Teensy(duino) is actually the USB bootloader: you can put an O_C together with a soldering iron and a USB port. A naked STM32, for instance, is going to require a programmer or ST-link and this is going to get complex really fast for lots of hackers/hobbyists who might be fine with a soldering iron. (Not impossible, but compare the difficulty in getting an O_C or T_U up and running compared to building your own version of Mutable Instruments module).


Lots of Teensy-powered things have microSD; for instance, Radio Music from Music Thing Modular:

The latest, not-so-teensy Teensy have a built-in SD card reader and headers for a second one:

YES! Though, you can actually buy a bootloader chip from PJRC so that you can put just what you need on your board, avoid having to piggyback the Teensy, and still use the bootloader ecosystem. Just don’t sneeze while you are working with the chips:



Finally, Oliver at Mutable has MIT Licensed his Audio Bootloader that allows you to build a product that a user simply has to play an audio file into your device and the firmware can update.

Cool stuff!!


i just learned about “hemispheres” - a new multi-function app that looks quite handy.

can anyone guide me on how to compile a hex from the git repo?

  1. follow instructions for compiling firmware here: http://ornament-and-cri.me/firmware/

  2. From the hemispheres git - open software/o_c_REV/o_c_REV.ino in Arduino and compile.

  3. Load to teensy


ah yessss - many thanks!


Oh man! Very exciting! Glad I have two! Looking forward to digging in.


Hemisphere looks useful. Wonder if it will find its way into the main branch…