Ornament and Crime


Not likely - as I understand it, the main branch is using almost all the memory on the teensy, so there’s no room to add significant code - without removing some other functionality


So what did Hemisphere remove?


As I understand from the blog post - It’s a completely different set of apps from the standard O_C firmware.

Justin has just a few “applets” available for this setup - ADSR, Dual Quantizer and Dual Logic so far, with more to come


i successfully built a .hex of the latest version (thanks again @okyeron ) and gave it a test run this morning. right off the bat having a dual clock div/mult & dual quantizer was super handy. i can see this being useful in small systems.

side tangent - has anyone discussed using this module for working with samples / audio? kinda like the eurotrash wav player - but with the ability to sample? i guess you’d have to add on a sd card somehow.


Even if there more memory/storage, it’s not well-suited to audio. The outputs are asymmetric, the DAC and screen share the single SPI port, which - at least with the current, interleaved updates - limits the update rate to 16.7KHz. The only audio-y thing currently are the bytebeats where it’s possible that limitation even works in their favour :slight_smile:


EDIT! doh! found the link to the older IDE versions. the devil is in the details.

Which version of teensyduino did you use? Im trying to install and the IDE version is not compatioble with the o_c teensy recommended version from the site.


Teensyduino 1.35

Older Aurduino Installs – Scroll down to find 1.8.1


many thanks! I slowly getting there. First time dealing with Arduino and compiling. Getting an error message but I’m certain it is me who is in error. :wink:


just looked at the repo and saw that an applet named “lofi tape” has been added to hemispheres…




I need to stop reading this thread / having second thoughts about selling my O+C… :expressionless:


loving it! My ADSR applet has frozen the o_c right away. But man. Looking forward to growing with this. Now that I’m on a roll i guess i should try out the darkest timeline sequencer he has for it.


heads up - beta firmware now available here:


details about the beta here:


Very very interesting


OOOOoooo, just looking at the recent commits on the Hemispheres GitHub, looks like there is a new MIDI in applet in the works. Wonder how it will be implemented on the hardware… no trs jacks, so midi to trs to a ts-ts splitter?

EDIT: Ah, midi usb over the teensy usb! cool stuff


Finally got around to loading Hemispheres onto my uO_C and it’s fantastic!
I find myself sometimes wanting a little more control over certain things (like more LFO shapes) but all in all it makes a useful module even more useful.
totally recommended.


The screen of my o_C (self built, 14hp ver.) suddenly gone dead, a day before it was alright.

I have a multimeter, but don’t know where to start the trace, and a replacement part SH1106 OLED is on the way.

Any thoughts?


I am just speechless about the Hemisphere firmware. This is actually way more useful than the more experimental apps of the original. I always tended to be a little underwhelmed with the O_C as a utility module, but as an exploratory complex module it’s one of the most interesting, but this changes… everything!


well, i hardly understand why would i let go the original apps of O_c for those of Hemisphere. Copier maschine, quantermain, quadraturia, piqued , automatonnetz and low rents are the ones i use most but i really appreciate all of them.

i mean, why do you categorize a quad quantizer or a quadrature lfo experimental, for example?

anyway, different strokes for different folks!


First thought is that pins may be touching the panel? Could have been close before but a slight bump did it? Also possibly remove/reseat the display, if you built it with a socket.

Have you checked the outputs to confirm it’s just the screen and not the whole thing that’s gone dead?