Ornament & crime vs temp_utile

I have been looking at both of these modules for a bit. Which one will work best for just sequencing and triggering the qu-bit wave? I don’t need anything too fancy just some gate/triggers out.

If you just want Gates and triggers then it’s Temps all the way. Ornament and Crime is more about CV. Both are wonderful.

In this case I’d recommend to take an even closer look and go through all the “apps”. I’m saying this because obviously the O&C is not what you’re looking for, since it will only output CVs. If all you need it gate/triggers then it’s definitely the Temps.These modules are great and you’ll likely find something (or more) that will suit your needs, since they do so much.

I was looking at the Sequins apps. Does it only do cv not gate?

Sequins does do cv and gate. The only thing keeping it from being my fav sequencer is the lack of memory for saving multiple sequences. All settings can only be saved once and anytime you save again it will overwrite.