Sort of Radio music clone. Each station is an audio file.

I made this first app to learn about norns, lua and softcut (incredible piece of software!).

It’s inspired by Radio music module, the idea is to treat your tape folder as a radio and navigate into it.
You can navigate into a sample, loop a portion, change speed and save a snapshot.


  • norns
  • samples in tape folder
  • MIDI controller (optional)


  • E1: radio station (sample)

Some lags may occur if you change too quicly (lots of softcut load/unload!)

  • E2: scrobe into sample

  • E3: rate (-4 to 4)

  • K2: loop ponts : start / end / reset

  • k3: jump to start

  • ALT is K1

  • K1 + E2: adjust loop start

  • K1 + E3: adjust loop end

  • K1 + K3: saved loop in tape (rate=1 only)


  • 9:sample

Some lags may occur if you change too quicly (lots of softcut load/unload!)




very cool! cant wait to check it out!

love the interface + visuals !

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nice visuals as well, any chance adding random? Thank you :slight_smile:

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Wow :clap: just made my first recording with this script last night, incredible work and very inspiring to play with!

Thinking of some modifcations/hacks that might be fun to add:

  • button tap to reverse
  • specify an array of (tonal) sample names to quantize to octaves, allowing others (percussion/misc) to move freely in pitch
  • tap grid button to load a known first_sample (“favorites”, or for performances)
  • overall volume control, again for performances

love this, I’ d like to see: volume per sample and save with rate. thanks:)

this is really cool

great demo vid too!

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Very nice! Thanks for sharing it!

Hi. What’s expected to happen if a sample is < 1 second long?

Also he MIDI cc values are


Sure, i am guessing these are recommended values in MIDI standard or some convenient CCs the author has in their gear setup. Would mapping them to start from 1 make sense?

Anyway using MIDI i can get thr sample start time to be between 0 and 1, but there’s some strange behavior going on like the start market jumping to the right of the screen. Seems like a potential Obi-Wan bug :beetle: to me.