Os x 10.11

Anyone running it yet?
What works? What’s broken?

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Was running insanity 3 for hours last night with no issues.

I’ve updated on my desktop OS, and although a bit slower, doesn’t seem too different. Max opened and worked (though I didn’t open anything big or try it with monome stuff).

Not updating my laptop until there are many green thumbs up all over the place (thanks for the heads up raja!).

the one thing i don’t want to break is the party van @Rodrigo !!

anyone else taken the plunge?

I’m on El Capitan. Ableton, Max, Serialosc all working fine.

any AU issues in Logic (if you use it that is…)

sorry not a logic user…

Be sure to check your hardware dependencies! Reportedly, el capitan removed the possibilty to set a certain kernel flag, preventing older drivers to run… and “older” seems to include an only 3 years dicontinued and very costly apogee model (ensemble)

Hello forum!

Maybe someone can help:

I updated to OSX 10.11. and now there seems to be a problem with my monome 128.
When I plug it in it flashes in the right corner but somehow for example monome test can’t recognize it. It wont light up and I can’t select it from the list (see photo).

Apps like Flin or sum etc won’t work anymore because they don’t see the monome.

Anyway some M4L patches like terms work fine. But M4L won’t see it either in BEAP.
Any ideas?


So I deleted all old Max versions then reinstalled Serial OSC 1.4. and the newest MAX4Live/Max.
Now even monometest won’t run. Sum won’t see the monome. M4L won’t see it either.

Anyone can help?


open your activity monitor. do you see “serialosc” instances?

open a terminal and type

ls -lrt /dev

do you see your grid at the bottom? it should be something like tty.usbserial-m0000300

Thanks @tehn. Got it solved. I will never understand why, but it works now. Uninstall/Reinstall/Uninstall/Reinstall. The stupid rookie way. It’s like hitting your old TV and suddenly the channel is back.


Hi all,
Just received a new grid and I’m having issues getting it to work on el capitan. Connection comes and goes. Anyone else experience this? Any suggestions?


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can you be more specific with an example?

did this computer ever have 10.9 or lower? is the FTDI driver installed (it should be removed). is serialosc 1.4 installed?

It seems to happen when I try to use the macbook pro in closed clamshell mode. I manually installed the FDTI driver and it’s now connecting ok… until I try to use the external monitor. When it’s not working the grid doesn’t show up on any of the max/monome package patches.

Never been under 10.10

Thanks for the help!