an osc (open sound control) mod script for monome norns.

this mod allows the params from any norns script to be controlled via osc.

the idea for the script came from a project i am working on to send capacitive touch events from an adafruit mpr121 12-Key capacitive touch sensor breakout board connected to a raspberry pi to norns via osc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the main feature of this mod (osc control of the params of a loaded script) duplicates a feature already built into norns (see mapping OSC control over parameters + hardware). the secondary features of this mod related to viewing a script’s params in the mod’s menu without menu diving and saving params to a text file for offline viewing may still be useful for some folks who are interested in alternative means of exploring a script’s parameters. <33333


  • norns (required)
  • an osc sender/receiver (e.g. max/msp, lemur, etc.)



navigate to the mod in the system menu (SYSTEM>MODS>OSC-MOD) to review the available params for the currently loaded script.

E2 to cycle through the params. K1+E2 to jump to the prev/next params group for faster navigation.

K1+K3 to save the params for the currently loaded script to the norns filesystem at: /we/dust/data/osc-mod.

take note of the osc addr values of the params you want to control via osc (e.g. /engine_level).


once the mod has been enabled and a norns script has been loaded, configure your osc client to send messages to norns (use your norns’ ip address and port 10111).

create the controls in your osc client using the osc addr values you found in the osc-mod menu.

the controls in your osc client for number, control, and taper params should send values between 1 and 127.

controls in your osc client for option params should send numbers from 1 to the max value of the param displayed in the mod menu.

controls in your osc client for trigger params should send a 1.

controls to change text params are not yet supported.

maxpat example

in the script’s ‘/lib’ folder, there is a maxpat called ‘osc_test.maxpat’ that can be used for testing. it is based on the maxpat in the norns osc reference.


  1. ;install https://github.com/jaseknighter/osc-mod
  2. restart norns
  3. turn on the mod (instructions here), restart norns, and load a script.


  • @eigen for spiffy params inspection code

feature roadmap

  • fix bugs
  • allow changing text params via osc
  • receive sending ip and port
  • other features tbd

I was just wondering last night if this was yet thought of. I have two iPod touch’s with lemur. I’ll report back if this works out.

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how does this differ from the native param control over OSC?


my understanding is that the built in norns osc support is just for the default audio params. this script listens for all the params defined by whatever script is currently loaded (e.g. awake, cheat codes, etc.)


neah, it works for every script param as well…

demo w/ sines


this makes total sense, since the special params and remote formatters were never documented outside of the source code! had no idea, apologies!!

the extended ref for osc (as well as its example and the corresponding Max patch) has now been updated to include these!! so so sorry! :upside_down_face:

i’ll also make sure the control + map doc is clearer about what’s possible, as well as adding the formatters to study 5!


no worries at all @dan_derks! this was a fun little exercise and am very happy it surfaced an opportunity to improve the docs! :hearts: :stuck_out_tongue:

even without the value i was primarily intending for the mod, it does provide an alternative way to view a script’s params as well as a way to save details about a script’s params to a text file for review. if folks find these features useful, i’ll consider republishing this as more of a param inspector mod.