OSC running but Max still not detecting monome grid, help very welcome

Hi all!

I’ve just received my new 128 grid and have been trying to get it up and running, but for every Max patch or M4L I try, the grid is not detected and under “monome device” it shows “none”. I’m not sure what I might be missing.

I’ve followed all the steps for troubleshooting OSC (rebooting, no conflicting FDTI drivers, Activity Monitor shows that OSC is installed), the cable seems fine (there is a quick flash of buttons that show there is power), and I’ve made sure everything is up to date (OS X el cap, Max 8.1.6, Live 10).

Alas, no change. I’ve scoured past threads to try to find insight on the issue, but not much luck. It seems like everything should be in order, but grid doesn’t seem to communicate with anything in Max or Ableton.
I think maybe the one thing I haven’t tried is to reinstall OSC. I followed the directions on the troubleshooting page that says to unload and load OSC in Terminal, but I’m not sure if that is the same as reinstalling.
Am I missing something very simple?

Thanks so much for your time and help! I’ve been observing and scrolling through this forum for the past half year or so, and I’m always struck by how warm and helpful everyone is. It’s so encouraging to see a community of artists so appreciative of collaboration and good feels.

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Did you install anything special on your mac for development. For me the issue was the usb emulation of the android development pack. Full reinstall of the system and was working first time like a charm

Also can you see the grid (when plugged via usb) in your mac report system? See attached, if the monome is correctly plugged something else is not working for you not the connection. Also try the Mark Eats sequencer to check if Grids is recognized

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Thanks for the suggestions!
I did check the system report and it does show that the grid is plugged in. At least there’s that!
I don’t think I have anything special on my mac for development? – although I’m not so sure what that means, I could be wrong.
What do you mean by full reinstall of system? - do you mean to reinstall OSC. If so would you do that by just deleting the app and installing it again? Also, this may be dumb, I know OSC is supposed to just run in the background, does that mean you don’t need to open it or anything, as in all that’s needed is to install it?
Thanks again, apologies for my newness, still learning about the basic workings of my computer!

just in case this is important to see.

Also, just tried with the mark eats sequencer, not showing up for that either.
This is what the max console shows when trying to run a basic monome patch, like grid test.

hey ben! sorry to hear about the trouble :confused:

good to see that your mac is correctly identifying the grid! sounds like we’re down to communication between the grid and your mac, tho. this seems to be caused by competing utilities or drivers. have you gone through the remaining steps on the serialosc setup page?

Do you have TouchOSC Bridge or TouchOSC Editor installed? Try removing them and installing the latest versions. You should be able to run both TouchOSC and serialosc, but we’ve found that reinstalling the TouchOSC software is necessary in some situations.

Do you have any Wacom drivers installed? Please follow these removal steps, as we’ve found that these drivers can block serialosc.

Then (or first, if you don’t have TouchOSC or Wacom drivers installed) try the “uninstalling d2xx drivers” steps from page 18 of this guide and try installing the FTDI driver manually.

hi dan! thanks much for your help.
aw shucks, I neglected that last section. will give it a shot tomorrow and let you know.

just to be clear, I don’t think I have Bridge or Editor installed. I only installed what was in this osc link https://github.com/monome/serialosc/releases/latest
should I go ahead with the Bridge/Editor or follow that last step to install the FTDI driver manually?
(also I don’t think I see any walcom drivers in my applications.)
thanks again for your time, you’re a trouble shooting trooper from what I’ve seen of your presence in other threads. :orange_heart:

happy to help!

these are utilities for a program called TouchOSC – if this doesn’t look familiar, you likely don’t have it installed (and you don’t need it for any monome connectivity – serialosc is all you need). might be good to confirm with a quick search through your mac, tho. same with wacom – if you don’t find anything on the other side of the steps outlined in that section, you’re good.

i’d say give the manual FTDI driver install a shot and if you run into any further trouble, we could sync up directly – just give a shout at help@monome.org :slight_smile:

alright so I looked at the USB device tree (screenshot attached above somewhere) – doesn’t seem like there were any d2xx or FTDI drivers on here previously. So I clicked the link to install the FTDI manually, and as soon as I try to open it, a warning window pops up saying the disk image could not be opened because there are “no mountable file systems”.
Any ideas? I’ll ring the email to keep going directly.

Were you ever able to resolve this issue? I’m experiencing the same thing.