OSC to CV converter

Does anyone know or recommend a OSC to CV solution?

I was looking into Ansible but from my current understanding it looks as though I’d need use OSC to MIDI.

You could maybe use something like @Nordseele 's Hans, and a TxO to achieve OSC to CV, I think!


Thanks for mentioning Hans @ganders :wink:

You’re right, Hans was made for this purpose and Txo is the perfect companion for OSC to CV.

As a matter of fact, a simple Raspberry Pi connected directly to Txo would achieve this without extra circuitry. The hardware I2c bus of the Pi with its own pull-up resistors is perfectly fine for Txo.

Other DIY solutions I can think of:
Arduino Nano Iot
Seeed WIO (rp2040, new product)
Arduino nano RP2040 (not yet commercialized)
Hans rp2040 + ESP (later next week)

I still need to re-write the software for the new Hans. The Raspberry version is using Rust but it’s preferable for me to quickly rewrite it in C or else for easier portability on all the boards mentioned above.


Thank you both! I’ll start digging into the repos to try to understand more of what is needed :crossed_fingers:


Looking forward to that!

  1. Creating an OSC server
  2. Parsing/ pattern matching OSC messages
  3. Converting the messages received to II, the Monome protocol.
  4. Sending that over i2c to Txo.

I already have a sketch, started when I was breadboarding the “new” Hans, but I’m gonna wait for the boards to arrive in a few days before getting back to it. Both the ESP (wifi module) and the Rpi Pico need to be programmed separately and I haven’t worked in depth on the ESP part yet… Using the Arduino libraries already available, it should be relatively simple.

Some additional OSC to CV solutions, factory built, not DIY (non-exhaustive)