OSC/wireless hardware?

Hi all,

I am on the lookout for a device that transmits OSC over its own wifi network, in a super small package.

Something like this old device from 10 years ago:

I’ve seen some cool bits’n pieces, for crafty peeps - which I am not.
I was wondering if there is an existing product available, that does this, in 2019?

Anyone stumble across anything or have some suggestions?



Maybe look into ESP8266 or ESP32 ?

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Yea something like that I guess, thanks for the link! – the building aspect is just way out of my wheelhouse. :thinking:

Whoa, this is really cool. Would you just build it as a WiFi discoverable device with OSC to midi translation scripting in it?

Here are a couple of links:

I use the ESP8266 for wireless sensors. (Attach the sensors via I2C for example an pull the data via HTTP -> This is close to OSC)
Here are some starting points:

You can always ask me (directly) if you have any questions.