OSCILLATIONS / Synth Lovers Meetup In South Of France

Hello synth lovers !

Friends and I will organise on the 10th june 2017 a FREE and public event in south of france named “OSCILLATIONS”.

With synth lovers meetup, open scene for live act and conferences in the afternoon and a nice party in the night with lives of DATALINE, SKINNERBOX and DNGLS.

ARTURIA, ABLETON and ELEKTRON will be there too :wink:

The full description is on FB event (in french sorry) : http://bit.ly/2ov9icn


Wow, there’s not enough of those in south of France, I’ll definitely try to be there! Thanks for the heads up!

Vraiment content! :slight_smile:

Edit: Damn it’s at the same time as TINALS Festival, nooooo.

damn ! we didn’t see that… grrrr !

I’ll still try to be there the 10th but with TINALS it’s gonna be super tricky to squeeze it in the schedule, I was already looking forward to it! (Keeping it in english to keep outsiders in the conversation if for some reason they were wondering what it is we say ^^)

here’s the video teaser :wink:

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Hello ! you have only two weeks left to register to the event :wink: