Otaro - Diorama (Inverted Spectrum Records)

Hi everyone,

I’m excited to announce that my debut album Diorama just came out on Inverted Spectrum Records (online). It’s the culmination of a year and a half of experiments with my Eurorack modular system and in terms of style I’d say it’s a mix of generative ambient, drone and acid with some echoes of krautrock. I think throughout my patching adventures my main inspiration has been James Holden’s album The Inheritors, but I wouldn’t claim to come anywhere near his brilliance. I made the cover art with the Midjourney AI algorithm.

Available on Bandcamp here and on Spotify here.

Some notes about the process of creating the album: these are all modular improvisations, some recorded to stereo and others multi-tracked to a Zoom LiveTrack L8, all finished in Ableton Live where I added some extra layers and effects. My setup changed a bit in the half year over which I recorded the patches, but one constant is that most sequencing is done by Mutable Instruments Marbles. A few of the patches were focused on a specific module, e.g. Clockwork Junction explores Karplus style delay effects with the W/Delay, Rock Paper Psyche explores Rings as a rock guitar (with some winks to Pierre Henry’s Psyche Rock), and Etude for Broken Glass is all about the Mutable Instruments Clouds Pitch Shifter / Time Shifter mode.


enjoying this, favorite so far is ‘Rainbow Intelligence’, feels busy but in a smooth way that uplifts without overwhelming the overall pace and feel of the rest of the album, and also love how it keeps changing at all the right moments to keep me riveted.
and i love the sequence of songs over the whole album as a contiguous whole too, an epic journey with great heart to it :heart:

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Thanks a ton for your kind words, glad you liked it! The star on Rainbow Intelligence is the Bastl Cinnamon filter by the way. :slight_smile:

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