Other monome grids work with my computer, but not my own grid?

Hey everyone, I’ve come across a perplexing issue with my 128 (aluminum model). It shows up in serialosc in Max and i get no response from pressing keys. But I can send messages to change LEDs. I have tried different cables, with no luck.

The weirdest part: I’ve borrowed a friend’s grid (same model), and it works as expected! Furthermore, my grid still works with my modular. I’ve got Meadowphysics, Ansible, and Earthsea all running on the newest firmwares, with no issues.

I’m running Max 7.3.4, and OSX 10.11.6 El Capitan. I reinstalled Max and serialosc tonight with no improvement.

Anyone in the community ever experience anything like this?

Edit: I own an arc too, but haven’t tested it yet. I noticed this issue while away form home tonight with intent on working on some of my own M4L grid devices, will report back tonight.

that is completely confounding. have you tried different max patches?

did you test your grid on you friends’ computer?

Yep, it works on other computers fine. I tested my arc late last night when i got home, and it works perfectly on my own computer.

I tried my own patches, new patches that simply contain the serialosc bpatcher and a message box for testing this, and i tried the meadowphysics patch. In all of them, I would get LED feedback but no interaction with buttons.

try deleting ~/Library/Preferences/org.monome.serialosc

ahhh yes thats it! should’ve known to check for a preferences folder. problem solved, thanks!!

that was a wild guess on my part, i definintely wouldn’t have expected you to try it!