other tiger - Rain

Hi all- I’d like to share a new release of mine:

A rare rainstorm: an excuse to feel warm and dry inside, a surfaced memory of normalcy before climate change made drought essentially permanent, a reminder of nature’s power (even over the city)

The current rainy conditions in san francisco were making me nostalgic- both for pleasant memories of rainstorms growing up in the midwest, and for a time before drought made rain a rare experience. I moved to california in the midst of the current drought, and I didn’t experience rain for over a year after moving here. In such conditions, it is impossible to experience rain without thinking of the state of the climate, and my thoughts of the climate are always tied up in nostalgia for times past, when climate apocalypse felt more like an eventual possibility than an imminent inevitability. I tried to capture this feeling by building the pieces here (mostly) out of various manglings and loopings of a single core loop, the goal being for all the sounds on a given track to be related in memory to the core loop, even if only subconsciously. The only sound source here is (often looped) electric guitar getting fed into chase bliss mood and fairfield circuitry shallow water and then into cranes.


This is fantastically woozy. Love it.


Really enjoyed this! The story behind it is lovely too. Thanks for sharing.

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