other tiger - Under the trees under the sun

Would like to share a new album I just put up on bc::

A suite of three multi-part improvisations inspired by memories of moments that were only significant in hindsight.

The pieces here, each split into 3 discrete parts, were the end point of a bunch of experimentation with my improvisational setup and approach. Technically speaking these were all created with electric guitar fed into a couple delay pedals, a chase bliss mood, a Fairfield circuitry shallow water, and empress zoia, all piped into the absolutely awesome otis. I used some lfos from the matrix mod to modulate the engine params to add some shifting hiss and noise.

Improvising along with/into a looper like otis is a fun experience - it feels a bit like collaborating with yourself, and I think the reuse and repetition of old sounds lends itself to pieces that engage with and stimulate memory. Shorter loops can also let you lock into rhythms that feel very natural/naturalistic- not that this is rhythmic in the way like, edm or something is, but in the way a tree shaking in the wind has a kind of rhythm. I often find I’m able to get to a place where I’m surprising myself with the sound I/otis is producing, and that is always super satisfying.


Enjoying this now. Love the mood! Perfect for a Saturday morning. That cover image is great, too.

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