other tiger - Up Before Sunrise

Hi all- I’d like to share a new release of mine:

The pieces here are something of a continuation of my last release, in that they use repetition and live-sampling to build up the pieces out of a single loop, the goal being to tie all the sounds together in memory and to mirror the way we revisit and distort our own memories.

In this case the pieces were inspired by memories of early covid- I had recently moved to a new city, and obviously most social events weren’t really possible at the time. My weekend routine was to wake up early, drive out of the city, go for a long trail run, and come home to warm, dry clothes and nothing to do. In many ways this was a very hard time in my life but I do find myself missing this aspect of that period.

The pieces here are built around looped electric guitar, with a little bit of live playing over the loop. That loop gets fed into chase bliss mood for glitchiness, smallsound/bigsound mini for overdrive, fairfield circuitry shallow water for vibes, then into norns running cranes. Then I put everything through tapedeck to give it some extra warmth.

Memories of crisp morning air, feet gently sinking into the mud, nowhere to go but forward.


love the guitar tone and the length of the songs (I’m a big fan of “sustained mood”-length tracks). lots of great textures too, thoroughly enjoying.


Thanks, and thank you for tapedeck! Made such a huge difference on these tracks and just generally sounds great

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I had Rain on heavy rotation the last couple of weeks, delighted to see this release.

Appreciate the insight into your process :ok_hand:

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Oh my. This is lovely. Great music for writing, coding, or just contemplating. Thanks for the release.

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