dual “tape” delay/looper/sampler

otis is a delay/looper/sampler inspired by Peter Blasser’s Cocoquantus, and named after a childhood pet. made possible by @zebra’s wonderful softcut.

this is very much a work in progress


norns 2.x
a sound source


there are three pages, mix, play, and edit. navigate with encoder 1. hold key 1 for ALT.


key 2 = mute L

key 3 = mute R

enc 2 = vol L

enc 3 = vol R

ALT + enc 2 = pan L

ALT + enc 3 = pan R


key 2 = flip L

key 3 = flip R

ALT + key 2 = skip L

ALT + key 2 = skip R

enc 2 = tape speed L

enc 3 = tape speed R

ALT + enc 2 = feedback L

ALT + enc 3 = feedback R


key 2 = rec L on/off

key 3 rec R on/off

ALT + key 2 = clear buffer L

ALT + key 3 = clear buffer R

enc 2 = tape length L

enc 3 = tape length R

ALT + enc 2 = skip config

ALT + enc 3 = speed config


v1.3 - otis - 1.3.20


after testing it yesterday for resampling some stuff to dictaphone I was wondering, is it possible to adjust it so that both delays affect one input channel? And also, SICK script.


not from the parameters/script, but you could edit otis/lib/tlps.lua.

lines 11-14 is what you are looking for :slight_smile:


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Oh man, I cannot wait to introduce Coco to Otis!! Thanks @Justmat!


what a beautiful patch. Thank you very much for this little gem


I am really loving this @Justmat, what a great patch! I have a few questions/comments from my first rundown: 1. the filter appears to only get applied to incoming audio, is that by design? I would love it to apply to looping audio. 2. when tape speed is set to octaves, and you go to 0, you have to change it back to free before you can change the speed again. 3. can you implement the ability to hold a button while adjusting speed to move in .01 increments?

The UI is very well designed and very functional and the patch produces wonderful musical results, so really great work! Thanks again

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The filter is just softcuts lowpass, I am probably going to remove the param for it in the future. :sweat_smile:

Ah, I had already discovered this, and must have forgot to fix it. apologies :slight_smile:

This sounds useful, I will look into it.


@yobink, I fixed the tape speed bug, removed the filter params, and adjusted the speed param resolution. re-download and replace :slight_smile:


Really simple to modify to make it an awesome dual delay/looper for 1 channel as well! thank you for the assistance. Might make some other mods too(mostly GUI stuff to match my mono input setup).

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I’m sure you noticed, but tlps.lua in the lib folder contains all of the softcut related setup and params. So dropping a couple “tape” loops into another script should be a breeze as well.


oh this is wicked - just spent a good amount of time making a lot of noise with the micro freak through it :slight_smile:

was going to look at a single input mod myself - perhaps that’s something that could be PR’d if others have made it? but actually my thoughts are now to build a modep (https://blokas.io/modep) patch as to route my microfreak through first. I can see a little video performance coming :slight_smile:

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I should probably add a param for number of inputs with the next update. :sweat_smile:


@junklight @noiserock

Just pushed a small update to add an input selection parameter. re-download and replace (or if using git, git pull) to update.

nb: if you are using a mono source, make sure that you set the monitoring setting in system/audio appropriately, this initially confused me

There are some bigger changes coming, they’re just not quite ready :sweat_smile:


if i wanna learn more about the rec enable section where would i be looking?

thinking about making it momentary or exposing it as a midi param somehow

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the softcut code for record enable/disable is…

softcut.rec(voice, state)

to change the behavior of rec on/off look in the key() function in otis.lua. specifically, lines 247-253

edit: fwiw, in the future i plan on having some form of modulation for rec on/off, speed, panning, skip and flip


Modulation stuff is well under way! Still needs some cleaning up/ testing before posting, but I would say it is surely close-ish… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


It’d be amazing if it could be controlled with a midi footswitch

Wow this looks so good, will be trying it tonight!
Any plans to make a grid based ui?

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I was hoping there was a development/modulation branch on github and that I could cheat having to wait, but alas.

Very excited for this.


Its definitely has the vibe of the Cocoquantus. I almost put some alligator clips on it :slight_smile: