Any way to make a switch on param screen to choose between them?

legacy >< alt

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that’s fine, it is kind of busy…:slight_smile:

yes. had an idea on porting the cranes grid interface to 64, but couldn’t find a smart way to do it. thinking I might start from scratch with Otis when I have the time.

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Pushed another small update. Fixes some bugs with adding loop start points, and adds loop start to the edit page. re-download and replace/ git pull to update.


update 7.9.19

  • Maximum loop lengths, at speed == 1, extended to 1min.
  • LFO ranges increased from 0.0 - 1.0 to 0.0 - 25.0 (they get pretty fast now @mlogger)
  • Adds a param for exporting your buffers to Tape (really fun to save a buffer, then open it in mangl)

edit: just pushed a small bug fix with the exported filenames


Thankyou for the lfo extension :slight_smile:

On a side note, I saw this and thought of elements of Otis / Bounds, Mangl and Gemini as a possible separate script idea.
It basically steps through multiple modulation settings controlling stuff.
Stepping through vectors plots and shapes with an Arc controlling midi or an internal FM synth, granular app or effect which would be assigned to as many parameters a possible.
It’s reminded me of bounds in a way but done by frames a little bit like multiple Mutable frames but multiple destinations from 1 knob turn or random speed clock. More of a wacky sound design idea for quick twisting of sounds and seeing squares and triangles visually on the screen.


original lemur :slight_smile:

Loving Otis. Amazing work.

I second the idea of adding tap tempo (or some way to tempo sync). Would be super nice to tap the length for L and R separately in order to use it to play with others.

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I’ve got a Norns on the way and just discovered this! I’m so much more excited now! Well done @Justmat I’ve been really admiring your contributions to he Norns platform and this community and really enjoying your recent music too


Thank you for the kind words! Always a nice way to start the day :smiley:


Finally had some time with Otis yesterday. resulted in two small experiments. Guitar through FX and OP-Z.


These are great! thank you for sharing :smiley:

These are nice. I might try and do some of the same. Got an old guitar I’ve forgotten how to play and got an OPZ two days ago… might need to take your lead and maybe one day ACTUALLY post something for people to listen to!

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Yeah. I never really learnt how to play guitar. But that does not stop me from doing this and playing in bands.

Fun little fact, the PRNTHD piece is just a C harmonic from my guitar, microlooped and pitched up and down with a Chase Bliss MOOD pedal(and also a couple of other FX). And a glockenspiel sample on my OPZ. Otis functions as the glue that brings it all together.


Sick! Where’d you scoop the glockenspiel sample? Is it a good one? Might buy one for my baby boy as a way to buy one for myself. I know there’s a million samples out there, but always love hearing of other ‘good’ ones. Haha.

But! To strengthen your point about guitar, in truth you don’t have to be very skilled to make stuff people wanna hear. Otis is a great tool for gluing sounds together. I actually have been using it in conjunction with a loop or two in ableton to create a large background space that is dynamically shifting.


Exactly this would be killer… been using Otis quite a bit lately and love it a lot but really wish tape speed could be quantized. Such a nice script as it is already. Love the LFO options as well.

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It’s actually a sample I made myself. I can send it your way if you eant to try it out. It’s just hitting a bumch of Cs on a glockenspiel. Makes for a nice «childish» samplesynth.

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Yeah! I’d love that. The one I was thinking about scooping is SUPER fine tuned but some home made samples would be a treat. I’ll PM you.

Love the script @Justmat!


Pushed an update with a few new things! :smiley:

There are now parameters for sample rate and bit depth!! (So now we can get our cococrunch on :joy:) These are available via a SuperCollider engine, so a reboot will be necessary after updating.

There are also parameters for filter cutoff, low pass, high pass, filter q, and dry signal.