Ottawa ((+ Montreal (+Toronto)) tips

I’m in Ottawa area until May and would really like to hear recommendations of places to visit, places to hear (experimental) music at, where to get decent tea / coffee etc. And some not so obvious local favorites as well, what one needs to see and experience. Any llllllll-heads here?

I’m also probably gonna travel to Montreal at some point and perhaps even to Toronto, so would be curious to hear some tips for those cities as well.

Hello! I am from Toronto. There are a few hotspots here, the Moog store is definitely a must visit. There are locations in Toronto and Montreal. Aside from having a huge wall of modular gear, the staff tend to be enthusiasts as well. There is a very friendly community around both of those shops.

There is a monthly meetup in Toronto called Frequency Freaks that I would recommend

The meetups are a good crowd, community members will play impromptu performances. The organizers regularly host special talks as well with folks in the modular development field.

There are a few great local venues in Toronto that cater to experimental electronic and modular music. Handlebar, Baby G, Invisible City Records, and Bambis are just a few off the top of my head. If you are on facebook there is a local group called All Buttons In, where you can find a lot of local event listings.

For coffee/tea in Toronto I would check out Propeller, Bampot, Outpost, others could probably speak more to this one than me.


Improvising and Experimental Music of Ottawa and Outwards


Hey Montrealers — can anyone recommend a decent spot/person in town to fix a couple of cold joints on a Cocoquantus? I contacted Synth Palace but their repair guy doesn’t work on “new” synths :confused: Thanks!

there’s analogix :
i haven’t use their service but they seem decent

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Thanks a ton @ubu — just called them and they can help out, no problem. Cheers!