OTTO: open source DIY OP-1

Hi, I just found this and thought you guys might me interested in it:


Very cool, both the way it looks and what it tries to be as well as the implementation (Faust).
Thanks for sharing!

what hardware is this for?

It looks like the intention is for it to be run on the Raspberry Pi w/ a screen, but the development is being done in an Ubuntu Linux VM.

Now somebody needs to design open hardware to match this. I’d love a 3D-printable case for the Raspberry Pi in the spirit of an OP-1.


thanks simon - so pi and screen and… looking at pics online the op-1 has around 30 buttons a keyboard and 5 pots. so you add a mini kbd and self build a control with the buttons and pots?

I think the authors are imagining you will use your computer keyboard? No idea how the pots would work. I guess I’d want MIDI support. I kind of wish they had not chosen to steal the OP-1 design. This could have been a fascinating original open source instrument. As it is, I would feel strange about contributing.


looks like keyboard could be relatively easily substituted with a controller using midi.

agreed, about OP-1 , I see no reason to play off of TE reputation - when they could easily come up with something new - just feels wrong and lacking imagination. also I think it will be a ‘rod for their own back’, it will get accusations of not sounding like the OP-1, not having x, y, z… by TE users defending their machines.
surely, much easier to be new/unique, create your own reputation… if they are going to pull this off, then they certainly have the skills to do something new.

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@jasonw22 and @TheTechnobear

Looks like they’re (ever so slightly) ahead of you…

The name is part of it. The visual style and also the interaction design are really the more significant bits.

Not that copying such things is necessarily illegal or even should be. It’s just a question of acting with good will towards other innovators in the industry, and how the rest of us choose to react to the decision.


“The OTTO is a complete hardware and software solution, with synths, a sampler, effects, sequencers, and studio modules. The interface is modal, easy to use, simple, but most of all, it encourages experimentation. The graphics are quirky, and the workflow is minimal.”

It’s open-source and there have been some cool prototypes built. Here’s one.

Here’s the current layout design.

I figured the community here might also be interested. There’s a discord where development decisions are made, let me know if you’d like an invite!


Any demo videos yet?

I don’t think it’s that far along yet, but their Instagram has a few UI demos with some sound clips.


Its starting to shape up :slight_smile:


Seems like it’s coming together nicely.