Out of isolation and out of my comfort zone with SING


Some time ago I challenged myself to record an album of songs with vocals.

It’s taken a while to get comfortable with the idea of sharing it, but that distance has led me to observe there’s a wide variety of styles among the tracks.

I’m really grateful to Ethan Hein for remixing ‘Prime’ which was recorded for a Junto project, as well as San Diego producer DJ Pnutz for her amazing remix of the track ‘Alright’ that I recorded for the vocal project here.

Other tracks were responses to Naviar Records’ haiku prompts, including ‘Ghostly Melody’ which was composed from my own senryu poems.

And it ends with an electro-metal hybrid written from a front page article on a local newspaper.

As someone who loves music and writing, I had to give songwriting a go.

Please have a listen, cheers!


Thanks for listening!

Your comment reminds me of a story about Rick Rubin, when bands approaching him with material for an album. Rubin listens, picks two songs he likes and the band say “they were the last two we wrote.”

Then he says, “that’s why you’re going to go away and write another ten songs.”