Outdated version of Discourse

The new version of the Discourse iOS app wouldn’t let me into lines, while it still works on other Discourse-based forums I’m in. I tried removing lines from the app and readding it but it says it’s using an outdated version of Discourse. Can it be updated or am I the only person using the Discourse app? :grinning:


Same issue here! <20 chars>

that might be a problem with the iOS app. we’re running 2.2.0beta3 +4; slightly more recent than the regular 2.2.0beta3 release. our admin panel shows our status as up-to-date.

It’s probably related to this:

we’re working on it. this is something discourse upstream broke in their mobile app, not our forum software.

in the mean time, use any mobile browser to view the forum; that still works as usual.

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ran manual update, please let me know if it works now


works! 202202022020202020

Yes she does! Thank you! (Nothing wrong with using the mobile web version, but, you know, it’s got notifications). :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It works! Thank you. I’m sorry for adding an extra post on the same subject.