Outside House - Growth, Creases (Breakcore, Ambient, Noise)

Very happy to share Growth, Creases with all the beautiful people at lines.

All of the sounds of this album were manipulated with Reaktor and sequenced in Renoise.
Some tracks were improvised, track 5 and 6, others have had many revisions, like 2 and 7.
Still, I believe a decent middle ground was found between spontaneity and thoughtful restraint.

The whole is hopefully a seamless ride through the abstract ideas of what it means to grow, especially under pressure, and where we turn to when all the pathways seem obstructed.
Do we stay, do we go, can we, in what manner? Is it a duty or a series of choices? Can we say?

There’s spoken word at points, though without pretense of submitting answers - nor do the sounds that submerge it - it is simply part of the scenery that one may see at a particular time, at a particular place, through a particular lens.

I hope some sense is to be found somewhere :smiley: