Overdrive everything: overdrive, distortion, fuzz


Earthquaker Talons
Twosome Dual Fuzz
Prunes & Custard
Analog Heat

Cold Mac :grimacing:


I was going to recommend the smallsound/bigsound stuff also!


For me, it’s fuck not mini. The switchable noise generator is the best part of the circuit.

I think everyone should try the industrialectric rm-1n at least once. I also think the builder needs to make a modular version.

Not subtle evil on the cheap - Dano fabtone. Endless waves of noise. Just lovely.


cool, makes sense!

do you tend to use a reamp box or just run straight from your interface?

also curious if you (or anyone else here) are usually just passing through pedal(s) and back in or do you then run them into an actual mic’d amp?


Although I am going to let it go soon-ish, i have really enjoyed for the past two years my Elysia Karacter (Series 500), both on Synth and drum buss


There’s not a noise generator in the Fuck. I believe it’s an envelope follower controlling the bias of a transistor, which is why it’ll become more of an extreme effect depending on your playing dynamics.


This eurorack module is on the horizon - could be worth a listen?


Looks interesting, but not for me as mostly mono. Looks like only the Nutone euro module is stereo, and not sure that is worth €240 to me on its own.


I was thinking the exact same thing over the weekend while catching up on those two threads.

I use distortion a lot, often subtly and on almost everything, but the one thing that has generally eluded me is the distortion best for all/most purposes. The closest all-rounder I use is in software, Audio Damage’s Kombinat, which is like religion to me, always the first plugin added to a project, often used as dirty 3-band EQ.

The past year, I’ve been mostly neglecting synths in favour of guitar. My current inclination is stacking drives or boosts. What I have set up at the moment is the Hudson Broadcast, a germanium pre-amp modelled on an old console input, running into a VintageFX Colordrive, a Colorsound Power Boost clone. Neither distorts heavily on its own and both have lots of gain. Stacked, they give a fairly wide dynamic range from sparkly clean to a rough, rattling, distempered sound. And then some light amp distortion.

For overdrives, my main two are the Snouse Blackbox, a Bluesbreaker variation, and a Hamstead Odyssey, which is its own thing, an option-heavy clean to hard distortion. The Odyssey and the Broadcast have worked great with synths, usually run as a send of a mixer channel so that I can manage input carefully. The Broadcast is really the closest thing in a pedal I’ve found that makes everything sound just a little better, no matter where it is in the signal chain.

I have a lot of fuzz pedals that I mostly use as special cases, haven’t really found one that was essential to me. My current favourite for guitar is the SolidGoldFx Sasori, it does that mid-60s go-go dance fuzz well, which is I think where my head is at for fuzz lately.


Enjoying my Feedback Electronics Pre-CR module for distortion :slight_smile:


Here’s a cry for help if this rings a bell…

Maybe 6 or 7 years ago my son sent me a YouTube link for a guitar pedal which was a distortion, maybe modulation and distortion… the thing that set it aside from most pedals was that it didn’t add sustain with the distortion.
Somehow I got it in my head that it was the mid-fi Clari(not), but it wasn’t. However, I think the company (small, boutique for sure) had a similar aesthetic to mid-fi.
I could never find it again. And I’ve spent a LONG time trying…
Any ideas what it might have been?
One of my problems with fuzz and distortion is I don’t always want added sustain, I just want to mangle the tone :wink:


Was it specifically marketed as a “distortion” with “no sustain?”

There’s quite a few great gated fuzz pedals that could get you there. Also — using a starve circuit has a tendency to cut sustain on lots of dirt circuits.

Regarding the mid-fi aesthetic— older Smallsound/Bigsound pedals have distressed finshes and hand stamped labels — maybe?




It wasn’t so much marketed as that. Rather, as I recall, more of an indie / avant garde semi subtle FSU pedal. Maybe it was a dream. But I don’t think so. It wasn’t small/big. I Just discovered them thanks to this thread and looked through the pedals…


No, but damn, that looks fun. I love those Fairfield guys. The pedal I maybe dreamed of was far more gentle and at the same time brittle sounding.


I have an Unpleasant Surprise, it’s almost an anti-sustain rather than just no sustain.

For something low on sustain with a similar aesthetic to Mid-fi, maybe the Dwarfcraft Great Destroyer, or old Devi Ever pedals? MI Audio used to have a fuzz that didn’t add a lot of sustain but didn’t add a lot of feedback artifacts either, although I think it’s out of production (the GI Fuzz).

One of the things I’ve always found made it difficult to narrow the character of fuzz pedals you’ve never tried is that so many of the demo videos are blues/stadium/classic rock heavy, which tends to embrace very full, round-sounding distortion instead of something noisy but delicate.


Arrived today. Lovely, thanks!


Seppuku Memory Loss? Maybe something from Fuzzhugger?


No, but thanks for the tip Memory Loss and Algal Bloom look like great fun. The pedal I’m looking for was much more reserved, less OTT.


I was thinking Algal Bloom, or maybe a Harmonic Percolator of some kind?

I’m reading your description as “low gain gated fuzz”, though, so I might be barking up the wrong proverbial tree…