OVOD - Alley of Cubes

Hi! Happy to share with you my new release OVOD - Alley of Cubes.

Mostly created on Serge Modular clones from Random*Source, plus some from XAOC (Zadar, Sarajewo), some modulation from MI + some noises from Beads on one track, noises from SSF QR, effects from OTO Machines (first time tracking through OTO Boum). Vector sequencer is main guy for sequences that were highly changed via modulation.

Many experiments were made during this release:
analog mixing on half tracks, adding some convolution reverb for glueing sound, being outside of the tonal music, made accents on slow timbre changes, have a release mostly on one eurorack brand or one paradigm of modular system, first release without physical format, less parts on the tracks->easier mixing

codes for high-res downloading

Thank you. Any feedback is very welcome!

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Thanks so much for sharing codes—I used the one above. I love the sound of Serge so I’m very interested to check this out. Thanks for sharing!

Update: Nice release! “Ruby thoughts” was my favorite track followed by “Together”. I really liked the eerie vibes on “Ruby thoughts”.

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Track above sounds great. Been thinking about Serge modules recently.Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
Looking forward to listening all of it.

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