OVOD - Forest Thoughts

Hey friends,

I have released new OVOD album Forest Thoughts.

I call this work as psychedelic ambient with big influence from folk music and noises/scratches and other imperfection sounds. The whole album is about memories and flashbacks of old man who has lost in the forest (maybe this highlights one of my phobias) .


  • Eurorack (MI, XAOC, Orthogonal Devices, Strymon, Intellijel, VSL, Erica Synths, ADDAC, SSSR Labs).
  • MU modular (Mos-Lab, Synth-Werk, Megaohm and Oakley)
  • Some external FX devices - OTO BIM/BAM, Axe-FX II
  • Fender Tele AMRI
  • DSI P08 and Arturia Keystep as midi/cv keyboards.

I’ve tried to have an opportunity to play these tracks live (and without laptop) and can do it know. ER301 for backing tracks/sampling/slicing/looping, some filters, delays/reverb and one melody voice from Rings/Plaits/Zadar/Marbles/VSL (as HPF) and Strymon. J

Most things were recorded in first doubles except melodies where I need to create a melodic line at first and then record a track and turn knobs/buttons.

It’s a result of a composing track for half year and another half year of searching/waiting proper vinyl factory that can provide me a very limited run on vinyl.
As a true vinyl lover (mostly because of cover art and have a music on physical source than in virtual space) I want to have my work at this format and released it under idea Release-It-Anyway.

I really like the art work of Papernoise who got the idea of album and created a very thoughtful album cover. The idea of light are dark is here.

Some codes if you want:


Thank you! Any comments are appreciated.