Ovrkast. & Demahjiae live stream at Gray Area tomorrow 2/18 8:00 pst

hey everyone ! i curated this free show. its going down tomorrow. if you like experimental lofi hip hop beats, this is right up your alley. ovrkast is an amazing producer who recently just produced tracks for earl sweatshirt, mavi and zeroh. here is the event description and some links to check out their stuff as well as the event page. hope to see you there!

Join us on February 19 for a night of cutting edge hip-hop at the very vanguard of lo-fi beats. Oakland’s own Ovrkast. and Demahjiae will be filmed live in the Grand Theater, samplers in hand, weaving an audio tapestry of sample flips, remixes and original beats.

Come hear what has made them such a staple amongst hip-hop’s forward thinking ilk as evidenced in their collaborations with artists like Earl Sweatshirt**, Mavi, Zeroh and Navy Blue.


Ovrkast. is so great


totally ! one of my favorite lofi beat maker out there for sure. hope you can join us.

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fasho will attempt to get online for it

how did i miss this?! dang

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yo i’m pretty sure it’s tonight!

Ok my bad i looked at the thread title first…i’m an idiot

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haha yea it got me too! but just grabbed a ticket, & gonna bump loudly.

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yes thanks yall !! stoked to hang and listen to the slaps