P.E.O.P.L.E // Berlin // Funkhaus August ‘18

Anyone here planning on going to this years festival at Funkhaus?


This is a very special event that first went down in 2016. It is curated and organized by the people at Michelberger hotel, Justin Vernon and Aaron Dessner ++ amongst others (correct me if I miss something here). The concept is that the artists (musicians, dancers, composers, video/multi media) meet up at wonderful Funkhaus in Berlin to create, play, jam and collaborate for a week - then we are invited to experience two days of the magic. I attended the first year which was one of the most special events ever. Funkhaus is such a fantastic venue! And the idea that there’s really no headliners or announced artists or bands is so freeing. That first time all we got was a list of all the names (then 80). As far as I’m concerned we won’t get the names this time around, just that there will be 120 collaborators (IIRC).

Anyways - highly recommended!

Here’s a video from Saal1 from 2016:


so bummed to miss it, my partner and I have a trip that weekend. but GO, it’ll be weird and great.

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Too bad! But yeah, it’ll be two days of madness and goodness.