Pacific Northwest / northern Rockies tour suggestions


Likely going to try to play a handful of shows in the Pacific Northwest/northern Rockies likely with @jwm / Josh Mason next summer and curious if anyone has suggestions for cities to play, venues, people to reach out to, etc.

My wife and I will be in Glacier NP/Flathead Lake/Missoula for about a week before heading west. I’d love to find some spots off the beaten path before hitting the Vancouver/Seattle/Portland circuit. Anything happening in Spokane? Idaho? Missoula? Tri-cities area of Kennewick/Pasco/Richland? Other little spots? We are increasingly committed to playing smaller towns. There’s something special about the spots that are often ignored and we had a great time last summer doing a bit of that in the Northeast.

We have some ideas already, but figured there was no harm asking.

While driving over the pass on your way to Seattle, visiting (or performing in) the town of Roslyn Washington may be the type of experience you’re interested in. The Brick Saloon has a lots of live music!


Im currently in Missoula! I could probably hook ya up with a show here. Got links to your stuff?


I also have a few connections in Idaho and eastern Washington that I could send to ya!

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Cool, yeah! I’d love to hear the suggestions sometime and maybe try to do a show in Missoula before I head west. I’ll get in touch eventually.

My sounds:
Josh’s sounds:

Thanks for the ideas so far peoples. :slight_smile:


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not much to add here, except we are excite bike to come play music :slight_smile:

Word! My homie @nojay lives in town too and owns an event/idea space, he would be a great person to get ahold of as well!

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I have a friend living in Astoria, Oregon. It’s a beautiful place… it’s been a while since we’ve spoke, but I recall that they managed one of the restaurants downtown, where local acts typically played, but they also booked bigger acts, like Will Oldham, and Michael Hurley. It’s not a very big town. I can get better details if you’d like, let me know!

We welcome and appreciate any and all suggestions :slight_smile:

I like what I see and hear! I run a small experimental venue in Missoula named Wave & Circuit. It is more or less a large intimate living room environment where we host various events. We have a nice PA and focus on intentional listening, experimental music, and experiential learning (among many other things). Capacity is about 30-40. We have chairs. We have a nice projector too.
Feel free to reach out direct via DM and I can send you details. Our website is out of date, alas, but will be up to date soon. Anyone on lines making noises and coming through Missoula should drop me a line :slight_smile: let’s make great weird events happen

@dr.earlfunkton has extensive experience in the space, and he can give you an independent overview if you want.


Bumping this up to the top. Open to any weird spots in Idaho or eastern WA/OR. Anything going on in the Tri-cities area of Richland/Kennewick/Pasco? Is summer in Spokane pretty quiet?

@nojay - I’ll definitely be in touch about Missoula. Josh may not be with me at that point depending on if he decides to ride back to Missoula for the fun of it, but I will be definitely coming back and flying out of there so I can return the rental car in mid-July - 18th-20th ISH.


Also, now accepting suggestions on spaces in Vancouver and Portland. Seattle appears to be sorted.

You may wish to reach out to these folks in Spokane.

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Cool! Do you know how modular focused it is by any chance? Not sure we’ll be doing modular or not at this point, so don’t want to misrepresent ourselves or go against their mission. It’s also something we try to deemphasize - focus on music more than tools/gear talk.

No biggie if you don’t know, I’ll likely reach out if it seems like a possible stop, just curious.

That article leads with some modular stuff but it sounds like they’re all in re: electronic music in general. I only know about this because my partner’s family lives in Spokane and I was looking for fun stuff to do on our next visit…