Pages app doesn't work in Live9.6 64 bit why?

Where is serialosc 64bit if it exists?
I use Macbook pro osx 10.11.4 and Ableton Live9.6 / 64bit and monome 40h
I want use PAGES:app but…
I have put liveosc folder in MIDI-SCRIPT folder
In preference MIDI I don’t find LIVEOSC

Pages is 32bit only as far as I know …

Now I know.

I really wish this was updated to 64 bit as I’m in the same boat.

I think this issue has nothing to do with Pages itself (or serialosc), but with Liveosc…

see comments here

anyone still have 9.5 around to test? according to comments it should still work there…
or see BrunelsHat comment, who seems to have a fix…

Has it ever been determined what the specific issue was? I want to use pages but using 32 bit mode means no more Reaktor 6. But using 32 bit more means lots more Monome fun. What to do…

hey @Heath! @pauk sent me a fix that worked for him. i just got around to updating the archive if you want to give it a try:

hi guys, sorry i’m late, but yes, the fix i sent to phortran is working for me. (osx el capitan)
i have pages working smoothly again with 9.6
hope it works for you

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Thanks! Does this address 64 bit, or just getting it working again in 32 bit 9.6?

hi heath, i’m on 64bit macbook pro

Excellent news! Thanks. Can’t wait to give this a try.

It works very well!
Great phortran

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Is there a way to run Pages on a 64-bit system?

yes, only u can’t use the external app page with 64bit max/m4l because the zeroconf externals are 32bit only.

bummer, definitely used the external pages. guess I’ll need to work out some alternate solutions