Pages Installation for Mac (Manual needed)

Awesome! This was where I got to before I felt over my head. Could you possibly send me a screen shot of what the Live OSC settings should look like in the MIdi Sync preferences area of Ableton?

Thank you for the reply.

Don’t have a computer with me at the moment … It should look the same, only IAC drivers will be listed instead of MIDi Yokes.

Any help would be appreciated. I know this community is about helping people. If there’s anyone in the Chicago area I would pay for some tutoring lessons if that’s what It takes. It would be great to be able to explore this incredible device with some help.

this has been covered many times, have a look at the pages doc pages on the monome site…

if you run into problems: ask specific questions. provide your exact setup, what you did so far, where you’r struggling…

there are many people glad to help you, for free :smile:

pages does need an improved manual-- hopefully those users who have benefited from pages might want to throw in a few minutes, given it’s an open-source free application.

here’s the old monome thread:

but it’s huge and nothing like a manual.

best to ask very specific questions on where you’re getting stuck.

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good point! I haven’t touched pages for many years, but I rememebr having good instructions back then.
where I see a potential problem is how newer version of live handle remote scripts and such differently, maybe java versions (what shouldn’t be a problem at all, but you never know)

did anyone succeed with getting pages working with live 9.2 ? Latest version of pages is 0.2a37, which seems to support up to Live 8.3.3. It doesn’t seem to spot the “liveosc” midi remote scripts in the preferences atm. I could of course try to install live 8…

it’s been working for me. no problem recognizing the liveosc remote script or anything.

Which version of Live are you using @elquinto ?’

EDIT: when I used liveosc 8.2.1 instead of 8.3.3, it seems to work for some odd reason… well well

I’m using Live 9.2. have u tried using the latest version of Live 8? i believe it’s 8.4.something.

I’ve been having issues with the LiveOSC remote script. I’m using OS X 10.11 and Live 8.4.2…
I haven’t been able to get the OSC feedback from the 8.3.3 or earlier LiveOSC script.
Midi works great, of course.

Wait a minute… I have an ancient version of pages…
Still doesn’t fly… Ill be tinkering with this all day … will update again…

I think I’ve read in my search about this that I can debug by using something like this:
Angrycrow$ java -jar pages-0.2a51.jar
< which gives us >
log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger (socketLogger).
log4j:WARN Please initialize the log4j system properly.
log4j:WARN See for more info.

OSCFactory: began listening on port 12345

But I don’t see any information about how LiveOSC is tying into the process…
I’ve tried different combinations of older LiveOSC remote scripts … I’m settling on
using the current version of pages2 ( 0.2a51 ) and it’s included components.

Looking for information about the LiveOSC configuration. That’s the only thing what doesn’t seem to work… Proceeding…

The first major difference I’ve noticed is the documentation says that the LiveOSC i/o will be @ 9000/9001
by default I see

Even after changing the ports around I still don’t get any feedback. @phortran is there a way to inspect the OSC ports from live to see what the configuration should be? Or should I do more digging for a compatible configuration for OS X 10.11 + Live 8.4.2 ?

Still have more reading to do . I’ve learned that those port numbers come from not resolving in…
I think I’ve caught up on the reading… Only thing that I can’t confirm is the compatible version of python. I have 2.7 with me… I don’t know if that has been resolved in the most recent release… I do know that osx10.11 has messed up things for other programs… but I’m new to the culture… ( that is , update with caution ) …

@phortran Wow. I’ve read a lot of the history of this project now… I’m sorry you keep getting dragged into this discussion with new problems that arise. I’ll cool it for a while and see if I can’t find another solution. I feel like this would be working better if I upgrade Live. That’s another complication that i keep bringing up in forums all over the place. It’s a great project.

Maybe it’s possible that there is a network configuration that is missing… Either that… or … I suspect… it’s a python issue… hmmm

hey @Angrycrow

i’d love to help, honestly, but i haven’t actually used pages in probably well over a year… i’ve abandoned it in favor of some node.js modules i’ve been working on, but life has been pretty busy and i don’t have a lot of time to play with this stuff much at all.

having said that i can give you a few possible things to try:

you’ll definitely want to use the LiveOSC scripts included with pages, i can’t really vouch for any other versions floating around to be compatible.

i switched the ports from 9000/9001 to 9005/9006 at some point due to conflicts with other popular software and unfortunately the documentation didn’t get updated to reflect that. 9005/9006 are correct for the pages LiveOSC scripts.

you might try instead of localhost as there have been some weird issues around ipv6 and localhost name resolution in the past.

i think live 8 should work fine but memory is a bit hazy on version numbers at this point… you’ll want to make sure the script is selected as a control surface (i think you know this but just in case).

i seem to recall python versions being a bit tricky but not 100% sure on that point… i believe if you dig into the LiveOSC remote script there should be some debugging code commented out in the file? i think it writes exceptions/stderr to an output file. you may try enabling that and see if it leads anywhere.

i hope you can get it working! i’ll keep an eye on this thread if i can help with anything else.

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Hey, thanks for the response. I had a feeling that this project has haunted you for a while. I’ll tinker around a bit more when I have the spare minutes. It may be better to update to 9 and use some other current solutions. I’ll definitely try out your suggestions. Particularly digging deeper into the init file… It’s hard to tell if Live is even transmitting. I’ll be back if I have any updates. This app has eluded me for years now and I really want to finish exploring what has been done here before I go out and re-invent the wheel. Really thanks for getting back to me on this.

I’m trying to install Pages into ableton (Mac OS X, Live 9.6.1 32 bit) and I’ve followed the instructions perfectly up to this point:

“Open Ableton Live and go to preferences. Select MIDI preferences and click on an empty Control Surface dropdown. Select LiveOSC in the dropdown. LiveOSC is now setup and ready to use.”

Only thing is, LiveOSC is not showing up in the midi control surfaces drop down. I do see it in the midi scripts folder within the Ableton package though. Any thoughts?

added a possible fix in this thread Pages app doesn't work in Live9.6 64 bit why?

hope it works!

I’ve gotten pages to work on OSX 64 bit in ableton, but I can’t figure out how to load the groovy scripts…

@heath here’s some rough steps to load one of the groovy pages:

  1. create new page -> groovy page
  2. click load button on the bottom left of the interface, you should see a file browser in the scripts folder
  3. pick a page and click open
  4. optionally click log window to open the logs
  5. click run to start the page (in saved configuration containing groovy pages they will run when automatically when configuration is open)

hope that does it!

wanted to mention if you have done any node.js/javascript before i’ve got a similar project, it works way better for me, but it doesn’t really have a gui and doesn’t have all the different page options at this point. it does do liveosc, midi/virtual midi, grid/arc stuff, and paging. that project is here:

maybe someday i’ll create an electron wrapper and some documentation or something but for now it’s command line only and probably requires some developer ability to use.

Thanks that did it. Still wrapping my head around pages.

I have a few questions.
I’m using a monome 64 walnut with tilt, and I’m wondering if there is a way to make use of my tilt controls in pages. It would be awesome if I could just map my tilt controls in Ableton.
Also, when I record patterns in pages, I don’t seem to have the option of stopping the pattern and then playing that pattern again. I can only stop the pattern and record a new one.
Any and all help appreciated!

I’m on OSX 10.9.5 and using Live 9.6.1