Pages Setup

Hi guys

So I picked up my Grid yesterday and have spent this afternoon getting things up an running. But, I have having a bit of a mare getting anywhere with Pages. Basically, the Jave “pages” program won’t detect my Grid.

Now, serialosc detects my Grid (though says running in debug mode if that makes a difference) and I can work monome_sum fine. I have also managed to get mlrv 2 working ok. Live is picking up the scripts but I can’t get Pages working. When I set up a new configuration and enter the port per Seialosc I get nothing when I click discover devices!

Any suggestions? I’m guessing this will be an easy/obvious one to sort out but rather than tear my hair out and grump about things I thought I’d ask you guys!

If relevant:
New/current Grid model
Serialosc used
Live 9

Thanks in advance!

Think I have it sussed. Turns out that Bonjour was installed but not enabled. Serialosc now runs on a plug and play basis and there is much less mucking about involved. Watching the Scotland game so not going to do much tonight but Pages did load and detect the Grid so looking good! Now to get Live all set up nicely…

How’s it coming along? I’ve been trying to set up a new machine with pages as well. Been running into issues with liveOSC