Palehound in a Sea of Color

Hi all,

I just released this two-song album. It uses time-shifting and audio artifacts to create a wide range of piano and accordion timbres from a very limited selection of pitches (perhaps in that sense it’s an inversion of classical chamber music).

A Disquiet Junto composition prompt inspired the first track, “Palehound.” The challenge was to create a piece of music using just three notes (but any combination of timbres). I used just three notes on piano and accordion, all very close to each other. I pitch-shifted them to change their timbre and also create overtones different than what the ear might expect from these instruments. I was lucky to record this piece in a big, reverberant room, and I feel like you can hear the music breathe in the space.

Bruce Triggs of the Accordion Noir broadcast (on Co-Op Radio) played it on the air, which was totally awesome, and motivated me to keep working.

The second track, “In a Sea of Color,” is a 62-minute remix of Palehound. The core “set” of three pitches visit new tonal centers than in the previous track, and I use more processing (including “bad” audio artifacts) to create an even wider palette of timbres. This version might actually, be my favorite, though I know 62 minutes is a commitment!


wow this is incredible – loved the original track but I’m with you the “In a Sea of Color” is a whole different experience… the scale and ambience of it makes me want to reverse-score it with a movie :slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: Thanks so much for the kind words, Rene!

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