Paper Songs by Noise Trees

My second album Paper Songs is out on Wow and Flutter on May 29th. You can preorder the cassette and digital now. You can preview Mitsu, the second song of the album on Bandcamp.

Paper Songs is a series of five moments, constructed around what I call the Ghost Piano, an old Hellas piano I recorded my debut album “Ghost Piano, Part 1” on.

The slightly fragile sound of the piano meets the crackling electronics of a modular synthesizer and field recordings from the Northern Ostrobothnia region. The end result becomes the fading memory of a solitary journey I took years ago. Music to watch landscapes pass by.

This album of five songs was finished quite quickly, over the course of less than a month, which caught me by surprise.

I hope you like it. Stay safe, stay creative :black_heart:


Oh and Orb Mag has Odesa, the opening song on their premiere list, for you to listen now.


Really love this first track! Really looking forward to the full album!
I didn’t know anything about the project when I first heard Ghost piano pt.1, but fragility definitely is a word that came to mind while listening to it. Hauning beauty is another one.
Btw. why did you choose a different title, and not Ghost Piano Part 2?

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ghost piano pt. 1 got a lot of play in my home and the first track off this sound just as lovely.

really looking forward to hearing the entire thing!

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Thank you Hannes :black_heart: Means a lot to me.

I guess with fragility, layering and simple looping melodic stuff I try to hide the fact that I can’t play the piano. Then again, that’s probably not something I need to hide. It’s just how I make music.

Funny you should ask. I’ve been pondering this naming thing all the time I’ve been involved with this new album. For me, although Paper Songs swims in the same waters as Ghost Piano, it’s perhaps some kind of spiritual successor for sure, but not a proper part 2. Ghost Piano, Part 2 is already under works and I hope I get to share it with you people in the near future. It will follow the same format as part 1, being a half-split of originals and remixes.


I can’t really play the piano either (despite repeatedly taking lessons). But when I try to record some loops they never sound as beaufiful as yours. :slight_smile:

Really looking forward to that as well!

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Thank you Sam, much appreciated :black_heart:

I hope you’ll like this one too!

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Just preordered on iTunes after 30 seconds of the link. In doing so, I found the Ghost Piano remixes…nice work.

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Thank you Timothy for the support. Glad you liked the Ghost Piano remixes too. I have to say I got very lucky with the kind of talent that agreed to remix my songs :black_heart:

No problem…it’s always nice to stumble upon something new that you enjoy. I have listened to the Boros remix a few times today already. Looking forward to your release now.

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This is beautiful, really enjoyed it!

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Thank you for your kind words :black_heart:

Loving it, glad to see new Noise Trees out soon!

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Thank you Joska, I’m thrilled to be able to share some new music again.

Today the album will get out of preorder on Bandcamp.

It’s also already available on Spotify and rolling onto other streaming services.


The whole album was excellent. Great job!

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Thank you for your kind words :black_heart:

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And as most of you probably know, Bandcamp has a no-fees-day again which makes for a great excuse to get the album, especially when proceedings of Wow and Flutter sales go to The Hidden Genius Project

You can find Wow and Flutter releases at and my first album at

This is gorgeous. What are your go-to chains and instruments right now? Ive been using the Felt Instruments VSTs and Sound Toys plugins to no end.

Gotta do a split or something at some point!

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Thank you Conrad :black_heart:

On this album, I use mostly Ableton’s own effects as they’re pretty great and cover so much. I’ve also used some Sinevibes stuff as well as the excellent TDR Nova and Kotelnikov (both amazing and highly recommended) in the end.

Instrument-wise it’s layers of recordings of an old Hellas piano, several modular synth segments, some Novation Peak and some field recordings, with a hefty amount of cutting and arranging in Live. I think the only plugin instruments I’ve used on this were some additive pads with Ableton’s Operator (one of my favorite sound sculpting tools) and a pad sound from Bengal by Max for Cats.

I’d love to hear some of your stuff and I’m always open to collabs!