Paraphonics — A Synth Club of Southern Maine Collaborative Drone Release

As I’ve mentioned in other places, Synth Club of Southern Maine is a pretty active community up here, both online and through curated events and regular meetups. This collaborative release idea came about at the beginning of the lockdown, and I think was a great way to help keep our community engaged with each other, and possibly in some ways with our creative work and process.

One important facet of this release is our relationship with a local all-ages venue The Apohadion Theater. Founded and run by friends and the best of people, it’s definitely homebase for Synth Club and all proceeds from this comp will go to those guys.

“Liner notes”:

In the early weeks of whatever we are calling this COVID/Lockdown era, Sam Seda presented an idea to our group. Record a drone, whatever your interpretation of that, and then pass along to someone to add to.

The idea being everyone would create and receive a drone, ending up with lots of cross collaboration.

We thought about how we could use this project to help support our community and decided to give all proceeds to The Apohadion Theater.

The Apohadion is foundational to our group for our gatherings, shows, and so much more. Beyond that, they are our friends and have built something so many people love. We can’t wait to see everyone there as soon as we can.


I want to live in Maine so much it makes my bones hurt.


It was great to be a part of this and see it take shape, and now to finally hear everyone else’s tracks – it all sounds so well integrated. Really enjoying your & Michael’s track right now.

For anyone following along at home, there’s lots of Norns + Crow-powered sequencing on the two tracks I’m a part of (2 + 11), and a big Cheat Codes session toward the end of track 2.

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