a cv recorder and player for norns+crow

parrot allows crow inputs 1 and 2 to record cv which may then be replayed out of crow outputs 1-4.




key/encoder controls

  • e2: select previous/next control
  • k2/k3: select previous/next sub-control
  • k1+e2: display instructions


the parrot script’s features are accessable from the script’s main screen and from the PARAMETERS menu

  • bucket zoom (bz): scale the norns display of cv recorded from crow inputs 1 and 2
  • bucket record (br): turn the cv recording from crow inputs 1 & 2 on and off
  • bucket loop length (bl): set the amount cv to play that has been recorded from crow inputs 1 & 2 (up to ~15 seconds)
  • tap assignment (ta): routes the cv recorded to crow inputs 1 & 2 to the 4 crow outputs. there are six assignment options:
    • in1: outputs crow input 1
    • in2: outputs crow input 2
    • or12: compares the voltages of inputs 1 and 2, outputing the higher voltage
    • &12: compares the voltages of inputs 1 and 2, outputing the lower voltage
    • rec1: outputs crow input 1, turning any negative voltages positive
    • rec2: outputs crow input 2, turning any negative voltages positive
  • tap delay (td): delay the recorded cv sent to crow outputs 1-4
  • quantize taps (tq): quantize the cv sent to crow outputs 1-4 (based on the settings in the PARAMETERS>scales submenu


  • suggestions for improvement are welcome!


  • norns
  • crow


parrot is based on the cvdelay script built into @Galapagoose’s bowering crow script collection following a suggestion by @lijnenspel.

many, many thank to @eigen for creating a lovely parrot image for this script and to @justmat for the crow image i am borrowing from his crow_talk script.



This is ACE!

I had an idea for a script that similarly did/does some of what this does (LOVE the idea of the Rectified and Quantized Voltages!).

My idea was to use Crow as a semi generative powerhouse when used with a Function Generator with an EOR or EOC output.

The idea was to use that pulse to trigger input 1 to S&H a random voltage derived on input 2 (or could even be done with on rise by selecting a random math value).

This could then be quantized on Output 1 and sent to an oscillator to provide pitch information with outputs 2-4 further being manipulating the Function Generator Rise & Fall times.

Almost like the infamous Krell Patch.

I don’t know if this could/should be built into Parrot, or become another Script.

Either way it has my brain thinking and I may put some thoughts on paper about bringing it to life.

Thanks again!

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@mattallison, thank you!

your idea is really interesting, and i’d be happy to help investigate putting your ideas into parrot or another script.