Paru paro ~~ jade islan sayson

so so excited to share my partner’s first ambient album !! I’ve really been enjoying it & I think the folks here would too : )

from le artist:

today, i’m excited to share three ambient tracks along with a song i made in the summer of 2018. a reflection of a time frame holding ~ a transition from difficult growth to consciousness, curiosity, & exploration as a daily practice.

i invite you to listen with these ideas in mind, within the silly little metaphor i decided to align this album with. (“paruparo” is tagalog for butterfly. i’ll let you try and decipher the rest ;))

process-wise the first 3 tracks are all cuts from a single take improvisation with a yamaha pss-170, voice, and norns running wrms (hot tip: rate was low throughout the recording which made for a really lovely dark tape decaying effect on the loop)

the last song continues to blow my mind (and get stuck in my head). it was all one take. no writing, no practice, it just happened (it’s sung in tagalong/filipino too). the recording is an iphone recording mixed with the same recording processed by android phone SMS compression for a bit of lofi digital spice :^)

~~ may it possibly bring u some hope & solace at this time ~~~